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The 10 Most Gruesome Torture Techniques From Medieval Europe

Source - Listverse. Isn't the name pretty self-explanatory? Mutilation has always been a favourite go-to zone for torturers and if you were one in 16th century Bavaria, chances are you'd have used one of these on women who were accused of adultery or self-abortion. Breast rippers were usually made of iron and they heated before you'd use them to rip out the victim's breasts. Source - ZosoTruthTalk. If there was ever a torturer's handbook pretty sure there is onetourture probably a page that says, if you find a hole, make it bigger. The tourture of anguish or choke pear, as it was also called, was a pear shaped metal device whose ends would, for lack of a better word, bloom after they were inserted in a victim's mouth, anus or vagina, causing immense pain.

Sometimes, they'd even fit spikes at the end of these machines. Source - In the thick porn. Okay, the technical term for this is disembowelment, which has been a pretty common practice throughout history. The tree below is one vagina Cuylerville, NY, where tourtureLt.

Thomas Boyd was tortured vagina killed when Seneca vagina Little Beard tied his intestines around the tree and made him run around it. Source - IncenseAndSpices. This weird but effective technique was used by both the Chinese and the Tourture with slight variations. If you think horticulture and torture don't gel well, you clearly vagina heard of the bamboo torture method. A restrained victim would be made to sit on a bamboo sapling.

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Bamboo grows really fast. In this case, the sapling would tear the anus and continue its vagina inside the victim's body. Poor victim. Poor bamboo. Source - EastSidePatch. Yeah, so I tourture the best worst one for last. The Greeks described this as a Persian method of torture and execution. The victim was stripped naked and then firmly fastened within a face-to-face pair of narrow rowing boats or hollowed-out tree trunks vagina, with the head and limbs protruding. Victims were often put on public display, where they would be mocked and abused by angry locals.

This one's particularly nasty — not that the other items on this list aren't. Also known as the Iron Spider, it was mainly used on vagina who were accused of adultery, self-abortion, heresy, blasphemy, or accused of being witches. It was also used for interrogations. The device, which was often heated during torture, contained four "claws" which were used to slowly and painfully rip off the breasts. The instrument would be latched onto a single breast of the woman. Blood sometimes splattered onto her children. If the woman did not tourture, she would be disfigured for the rest of her life.

Image credit: Popular during the Inquisition, this device consisted of two spiked wood blocks which were placed in tourture of and behind the knee. The blocks, which were connected by two large screws, would be turned and made to close towards each other, destroying the knee underneath. The technique would xxx pusies the knees useless.

The number of spikes on the blocks varied from three to twenty, often depending on the nature of the crime and the status of the prisoner. The A. George Dvorsky. Filed to: The dominant performing pussy torture on the submissive can be of any gender. Many of these practices carry significant health risks and need adequate precaution.

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