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I could buy into her as Queen Hippolyta and several other characters along those lines, that sort of Greek mythology based character. Torri Higginson - IMDb. It's just ganging up against the weird kid, and I'm always the weird kid. I just stopped at the end of season 8 of SG-1 to get caught up on Atlantis, since they sync up in season 8. Higginson was good.

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During the end of season seven of Stargate SG1, they introduce Dr. Ware and had her played by some blonde actress who wasn't that great. Higginson did the character much better, although I remember watching the first episode of Atlantis and wondering who she was because she look nothing like the we are in the SG one episodes. All times are GMT Nude TV Appearances Add appearance.

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Top Scenes. Bliss Memory Run Nudebreasts, body double Torrid Torri cowgirls some lucky clown in the sack as a coveteous lady looks on. Torri bares right reelanger several times, but is it hers? Filmography Intent - as Detective Jessica Cavallo. Double Take - as Peggy.

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Balls Up - as Jenny. Torri Higginson of TekWar fame standing in front of some bars as Dale Hayes puts on a eborny porn glove and gives her a body cavity search before letting Torri walk over nude and put some pants on giving us a look at her ass and the side of her left breast in the process.

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