The london bridge sex position

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Urban Dictionary: The London Bridge

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Rear Admiral! Dirty Sanchez!

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A sexual position akin to an eiffel tower. Much cooler than the foursome brand, its threesome variant features two ladies and a gentleman. The gentleman will lie down on his back with his member erect.

What is the London Bridge Sex Position? - Definition from Kinkly

One lady will then mount his genitals, while the other straddles his face. The two ladies should be facing one another and may make contact, if desired. The gentleman will perform intercourse and cunnilingus as applicable. If they choose, when approaching climax, the participants may exclaim " the London Bridge is falling down!

Frank took his two lady friends into the back and performed a London Bridge.

Sex positions to talk about, but not to try

What a lucky guy! Eiffle Tower: This is a pretty standard move during threesomes. One guy stands in front of the woman getting head while the other guy does her mount nude style. When the two guys accidentally make eye contact, they must high five each other over her back, forming a crude human Eiffle Toweran over-the-top monument to their masculine achievements. London Bridge: This has several variations, but it's another maneuver designed for a devil's threesome.

One man stands with the woman straddling his cock with her legs wrapped around his waist.