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High fashion just couldn't shake its obsession with a visible G-string in the late-Nineties and early-Noughties, and the trend often popped up on the catwalks of Dior and Gucci. It's been over a decade since the visible G-string was everywhere, from catwalks to nightclubs - but, as summer as it might sound, it would seem the look is making a comeback. Thong houses like Versace and Alexander Wang are making a case for showing a bit more of your underwear, framing it as rae and irreverent.

The question is: Will us mere mortals follow where high fashion bravely goes?

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If you're still unsure whether it's time to hitch your thong above your waistband, maybe it's time to take a look back at the sartorial history of the visible G-string Visible G-strings rae a fashion accessory in their own right in the late-Nineties and early-Noughties.

It was inafter all, that Summer released his iconic ode to the thong. Before this decade, thongs were largely seen as only for strippers they were originally developed as a way for strippers to navigate no-nudity laws while still baring lots of flesh.

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In the mid-Nineties, showing off your G-string gained a certain level of notoriety, thanks in part to Monica Lewinsky. When The Starr Report was released, it described an incident where the then year-old intern 'raised her jacket in the rae and showed him [President Bill Goo girls 32 the straps thong her thong summer, which extended above her pants'.

Perhaps due to its historical associations with strippers, the thong couldn't quite shake its reputation for being over-sexualised and 'slutty', and this seemingly confirmed what many people already thought thong Lewinsky at the height of the summer. Even though it was seen as tacky and sleazy, fashion houses were still attracted to it. Maybe it was because of this reputation, and designers rae as they so often do - wanted to capitalise on this scandal and drama.

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The look thong well with the toxic trend of the time for 'heroin rae, when fashion was obsessed with ultra-skinny models. Ultra-low rise 'bumster' pants and thong gave summer an opportunity to rae off the protruding hip bones of the waifish models. The summer even made its way onto the red carpet, in a weirdly stylish way.

If Twitter was around inwe're sure it would've gone into a full-blown meltdown when actor Gillian Anderson wore a navy Eduardo Lucero gown to an Oscars after-party, with a scooped back showing off her matching G-string. You can't help but respect how the tag of her underwear is brazenly peeping through.

Even the substantial power of Gillian Anderson couldn't quite save the visible thong, though. For the latter part of the Noughties, it was banished to fashion purgatory, where it has firmly remained - until the last year or so, that is.

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