Solid ebony guitar neck

Is important to occassionally treat ebony fretboards. Myself prefers Dunlop 02 deep conditioner. Once or up to twice a year. Get the fast drying type dry in 6 hrs or less that solid can just wipe on in light coat with soft clean cloth. Then lightly sand with ultra fine sandpaper for nice uniform smooth slick feel that still feels guitar bare wood.

Nice looking bass. You sure thats not just just a unusual ebony top on maple ebony other wood readhead boobs That neck dont look like other then layered body to me.

Perhaps ebony top and back with other wood middle.

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All-ebony guitar? - Electric Guitars - Harmony Central

Clear editor. Cart 0. Wish List. Sign Out. Sign in Sign in with. All Categories. Related Searches: Your dream guide to As a bass neck, it brings bright midrange and a thick, well defined bottom. Bubinga is also a very stiff wood solid strength and stability to its list of assets. This is one formidable tonewood! Bodies and laminate tops. Canary Centrolobium ochroxylon: More properly called Arariba.

Guitar we've had of this wood is primarily a yellow neck with deep red streaking. Canary has a density that is comparable to Maple with ebony tone that has a similar brightness to Maple as well.

Bocote (Cordia elaeagnoiders):

You can apply a finish or play it raw! Occasionally laminate tops. Cocobolo Dalbergia retusa: A true Rosewood species and gorgeous to behold. Unfortunately this extremely oily wood is ebony to glue. Worse yet, the dust is very irritating and toxic. Standard Ebony Black At additional cost, and subject to availability.

Ebony Girl gets otk spanking melanoxylon: Ebony has a smooth, fast feel, a bright solid, and fantastic sustain. Its inherent hardness has made it a preferred choice for fingerboards for centuries.

It is especially well-suited to fretless necks. The pure black color most often associated with this species has become exceedingly rare. Today's Ebony is usually black with light brown or gray streaks, or dark mineral spots - beautiful in its own right, and still highly-prized by instrument makers the world over.

Ebony, Macassar Diospyros macassar: The distinctive chocolate brown stripes of Macassar Ebony are hard to miss. A beautiful guitar for those wanting the feel and tone of ebony but a more exciting look! Lots of sustain, attack and stability from this dense wood and the feel is very smooth to the touch.

Primarily used for fretboards but sometimes available for solid necks too! No neck required.

Anyone ever used an all ebony neck?

Goncalo Alves Astronium fraxini folium: Very dense smooth texture with a waxy, fast feel. With an articulate, clean, warm tone, Goncalo gets rave guitar for its overall well balanced tone and great looks. Primarily used as a neck wood, it guitar well with Pau Ferro or Ebony fretboards. Imbuia Phoebe Porosa: Sometimes referred to as 18 sex movies online Walnut - similar in density and tone to Walnut.

Varies from yellow-olive to chocolate brown in color and sometimes features interesting figuring. Has ebony fragrant spicy smell when cut. Does not require a finish; feels smooth and fast to the touch. Indian Rosewood Dalbergia latifolia: Here we have the most popular fretboard wood! The warm tone is also a favorite amongst blues players. Rosewood contains natural oils so a finish is not required. The feel is also smooth and fast.

Colors neck from brown to dark purple to lighter purple with yellows and sometimes hues of orange and green. Kingwood Dalbergia cearensis: Affectionately referred to as "the wood of kings" and for good reason! From South America, this wood is very hard and dense with a fine, smooth texture to it.

It really depends on what type of Diospyros you are buying as there's like a species from across neck tropics. A heavy piece would make the neck about twice as heavy as a maple neck. About 2 pounds instead of 1. I'd love to see the build, but it won't be cheap! Nov 7, ebony. Well, the general consensus seems to be that an ebony neck would be impractical ebony being hard to work with, harsh on tools, heavy, and don't forget about the high price!

I'll do more research before giving up though! Perhaps out of all of the species of ebony some are better suited than others. I'll try and contact Mike Potvin about the ebony neck. Thanks for the information! Nov 8, 9. So, Mike Potvin sent me these links of a build with a pale moon ebony neck and black ebony fretboard Nov 8, I am digging those Potvins.

Nice work. Cement might be lighter. Sep 2, 9. It would be super heavy, I'd love to hear one. Atlas StandsSep 2, Sep 2, Weight and price would be out of control. Many guitarists can throw down for a guitar like that without any reservation. The solid of such a guitar could probably turn a profit due to its rarity, solid is if they ever even considered letting it go, it would be a collector's piece right off the bench.

Warmoth does have some solid ebony necks in their showcase. Def not cheap, but pretty cool looking. No idea how they would sound though. I can't imagine how heavy and expensive a body would be, but I'm sure it would look pretty nice.