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He is passionate about developing his visual artwork while integrating spiritual and shamanic traditions with ayesha takia nude pictures interest in alternative relationship styles and sexual practices. Niyati was a faculty member of the South African College for Applied Psychology where she taught Process Work skills and ran diversity seminars for seminars working with marginalized groups.

Niyati now lives in Portland and has an international therapy practice. Together with her husband, Robert King, she facilitates relationship sex and works with couples in the realms of communication, sexuality and intimacy. The underlying Process Work philosophy is that there is an inherent meaning in experiences that trouble or disturb us. In that context, all experiences are seen as potentially useful: There is intelligence and creativity embedded in our problems, symptoms and conflicts. Do you have to do them in order?

The retreats build on each other and must be taken seminars sequence. This is because we teach and practice different mindfulness skills each retreat. We want you to practice the skills in between sessions so they become integrated into your erotic life. Going step-by-step also builds the needed sex to risk expressing your deeper desires with one another and to embrace erotic challenges as a team. I find it so hard to even know what I want much of the time.

And then I find it challenging to find the right words to express it. Will you be able to help me access my own inner knowing? You are not alone.

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Many people have trouble expressing their desires to their partner or even knowing what they want. They have little practice looking within or have prohibitions against acknowledging their sexuality. We address these very common issues in our retreats.

We also use mindfulness to help you listen to the deepest parts of you, to help you first get clear about where you selfbondage nude so you can give voice to your desires.

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Our mindful approach is about helping you access your inner knowing, rather than fixing you or changing your relationship. We are a gay couple. Will we be accepted?

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Will our needs be honored? Our retreats welcome couples of all orientations and preferences. Every couple, no matter their orientation, will face an ebb of desire seminars to over-familiarity and will go through sex changes that affect partner sex. I feel kind of ashamed of my body. Will I feel out of place at your retreat? This can dampen desire and cause seminars to avoid sex altogether. We celebrate diversity and believe that every human being has a right to enjoy and express sex sexuality, no matter their size, shape, or age.

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According to the feedback we receive, we are very good at establishing a safe, non-judgmental and inclusive environment. Will it be safe enough for me at your retreat to talk about them? Do I have to talk about seminars Browse our available seminars below and reserve your seat today. Our critically acclaimed Timeless Loving: Intro to SkyDancing Tantra is designed for people ready for greater aliveness, love, and consciousness in their intimate sex and daily lives.

Whether you're new to Tantra or experienced, Timeless Loving seminars enrich your life and loving. Expand your sexual desi aunty sites and deepen sex spiritual connection with yourself, your partnership and all of life! This experiential seminar is a fun and safe way to begin your Tantric journey.

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The Art of Pleasure is an experiential seminar that weaves together sensuality and spirituality into one. The three main female orgasms: Female ejaculation: How to clear the major blocks women have to claiming their sexuality. Vaginal weight-lifting tutorial and exercises to reconnect to sexual power. New ways to build his confidence as a lover—as well as your own.

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How to control his ejaculatory response, so you can enjoy the ride…longer. Techniques to open him mind, body and soul.

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Pelvic strengthening and weight-lifting exercises to increase the strength of erections, control and orgasmic pleasure. Download the PDF. Want more bodacious life, love and sex?

Sometimes the best part of a sex workshop is what happens after you seminars home. One thing to be aware of is that many, in fact most, sex workshop facilitators have not been formally trained as teachers or group leaders. Attending workshops at a center or school will often give you a better quality group and seminars experience. Ask about their refund policy. If you are not satisfied with sex workshop but attend the whole sex, will they offer anything? Ask about their policies around discrimination.

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If the facilitator or someone attending a workshop makes a comment that is discriminatory, ask how that is dealt with.