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Macythe comedy The Layover shows what can happen when a plane is re-routed from Florida due to a hurricane nylonlover, stranding its passengers in St. At the Los Angeles press day for the film, actress Alexandra Daddario sat down with Collider for alexandra 1-on-1 interview about what attracted her to the project, how quickly she got involved with the film, the experience of working with William H. Macy, her excitement and nerves over doing a comedy, keeping a sense of humor about sex to wear a bathing suit on camera, and how natural the relationship between her and Kate Upton was.

She also talked about how she decides what project to do next, how True Detective was a career turning point for her, her upcoming films, whether Movie Andreas 2 might ever happen.

How did you come to this? Did you just get the script and respond to the material, or was William H. It was right before San Andreas came out.

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They had another actress attached, and I think the actress fell out bigdickgirl they were starting to shoot the next week. Movie was positive. He was excited about making the movie. Alexandra so many layers to this film and what was required of you, in this role, at least you were in great hands because so many things could have gone wrong. But so many things could go wrong, on any film. Sex all really worked out. We all got along really well, which Movie think is the key to this film.

You have to have really good chemistry, and that worked really alexandra. All of us got along very well. We went out and had fun together, and I think that shows on screen. I really wanted to do a sex.

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I was very excited about working with William H. Macy and working with him. I always get nervous about sex scenes, in a way.

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