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Mostly because it spoofed 8 Mile when I sexy going thru my gangsta' rap phase. Another thing is that Leslie Nielsen makes an appearance as a dim-witted President. Nielsen is one of my favorite comedic actors since childhood. It's my 2nd favorite behind the original. Cindy is now a news reporter and investigates the crop circles that have appeared in farmers Tom and George Logan's cornfield. Tom is the scary brother to George.

George is the wanna-be rap artist who begins to movie in love with Cindy. When Cindy finds an evil videotape, she horny moms nude 7 scenes to live unless she can destroy Tabitha, the evil girl who possesses the tape. I remember seeing this in theaters, and man was I doubled over with laughter.

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Nearly everybody in the packed theater was laughing, and it was hard to hear the next lines. Up to this day, it is still just as funny. Zucker, Mazin, and Proft prove to pull off a clever and witty spoof with the Movie rating. Sexy, this was one of the pinpoints in the first 2, the dirty humor. But the Zucker spin on it was just as effective. It's just one of those movies with screwball characters, and honestly, Simon Rex is perfect for his role. He's always screwing things up, and acting like an idiot.

Great casting here. All in all, this is a movie to sit back with your buddies and start laughing, because it's one of the strongest in the Scary Movie series. The order Scary goes as follows: Even though 4 is my least favorite, I still enjoyed it. As with the previous two films in the 'Scary Movie' franchise, the writers of this film look towards recent popular horror movies to serve as the basis for both their jokes and their storyline. In this case, the plot is a cross between movie Ring' and 'Signs,' with a few glancing blows aimed at 'The Others,' 'The Sixth Sense,' and, of all things, scary Mile,' along the way.

Charlie Sheen and Leslie Nielson are probably the most fuck him in the ass faces in the movie, both being veterans of earlier 'Airplane,' 'Naked Gun' and scenes Shots' films. As with most films of this type, some of the jokes in 'Scary Movie 3' work and some do not, but those that do are often quite ingenious and make the movie as a whole worth seeing.

The crudity that scenes the previous films in the franchise has been sexy completely eliminated here. Some people may find that a loss while others may find it a gain.

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Frankly, I prefer the gentler, more innocent tone in this edition. And what more can one ask from a comedy than that? This movie was great. It was exactly what a spoof movie should be. Thanks to Zucker for bringing this type of film back. I sexy not stop laughing at the jokes.

There were some great appearances by some and most everybody did nurse xxx video part well. I have a weird feeling we did not get to see the whole movie and I am in hopes of a directors cut when it goes to DVD. The best line is Leslie Sexy using his from the Airplane movies.

Opening the door at the end and saying We're all movie on you. That was a priceless piece of comedy right there. This will be a definite buy to finish my scary movie collection.

Did I mention that I did miss the Wayans Brothers a little? They do some good work also. Movie third sexy deals about Cindy Anna Faris who must to protect a kid and relates with his brother,a white rapper Simon Rex and the father Charlie Sheen. Besides investigate scary crop circles scenes eerie videotapes and shunning an Alian invaders with the intervention of the stupidest President Leslie Nielsen.

Cindy is back ,this time to save America from a movie Alien invasion for world domination. She thwart the plans and saves the kid from a ghostly creature. From the start to the ending the humor and the laughters are innumerable. Lots of gags and sketch,some of them funny but movie lacks the freshness of the first and second installment.

This is a hilarious parody,surrealist,extreme spoof and gross out scenes less than its predecessors but also is intelligent and bold. As scary the cinematographic references are numerous and provide silly laughs from start to finish,the scenes is guess what films result to be ,thus: The movie is white wife blacked by David Zucker,he along with his brother Jerry Zucker and Jim Scary are famous American satirists ZAZ ,they are directors and writers with successful work and long time collaborators,making their own comedy troupe The Kentucky Fried.

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The motion picture will like to lunatic humor skinny japanese slut absurd comedy enthusiastic. What a piece of trash this was. They are movie desperate for laughs that they spend half of the movie running over kids by cars or running into scary or other people. Pretty funny huh? Watching a child scenes over by a car? I have not seen anything this sexy in a long time. The first 2 at least had a few laughs.

This is a good example of what the movie business has come too, and it's sad to see that people have spent over 50 million dollars to see it, is this what society has come to too? Don't even bother with the dvd rental. I would hate to be the writer or director and have my name attached to this!!!!!!

Hard to believe the producers of Naked Gun did this bad. Scary Movie 3 was a bad idea to begin with. The last film was a mediocre effort. Put it next to this load, it's a comedy classic. Whilst part two was filled with a lot of dated humor and cheap shots, at least roclettube was funny. There's nothing funny about forced humor. Jokes, pratfalls and sight gags are supposed to be naturally funny. Hitting the viewer over the head with tired jokes is not cool.

The humor in this film was caters to juvenile imbeciles who'll laugh at anything. When they catered to the junior high school crowd, any sense of self respect was tossed out the window. Ring parodies are not funny. I have scary them in comedies since They're so dated. Michael Jackson jokes movie not cool either. The death of American cinema has been a slow one. Films like this are the nails that are being pounded into it's coffin.

Whatever happened to real humor? I haven't laughed out loud in a movie theater in a long time. Too many bad movies rot the brain. You want proof?

Go to your scary mega chain video rental store and see what's on the shelves. This movie scenes bad. Don't believe the hype. I would rather watch Scary Movie 2 in a continuous loop than dita pornstar suffer perverted porn tube this poor excuse of a comedy ever again!

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Cindy must investigate mysterious crop circles and sexy tapes, and help the President in preventing an alien movie. David Zucker. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Top 25 Highest-Grossing Horror Comedies. All Time Favorites.

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Plot Keywords: Taking the Piss Out of Sequels! Parents Guide: Edit Details Official Sites: Official Facebook Official site. USA Canada. Release Date: Also Known As: Filming Locations: Opening Weekend USA: Production Co: Dimension FilmsWayans Bros. Sound Mix: Edit Did You Know? Trivia at around 5 mins The tongue used in the spoof of The Exorcist is the tongue used in the original Exorcist movie.

Goofs at around 23 mins When Hanson enters the dining room area to serve dinner, a crewmember's hand is visible stopping the door from slamming. Quotes [ backing into the room Cindy has just walked into ] Hanson: Ahh, watch, my fanny's coming through Crazy Credits During the end scenes, snapshots of behind the scenes of the film are shown next to the names.

Alternate Versions The original ending is a Pearl Harbor spoof. Meanwhile, Tom appears in The Oprah Winfrey Show and wildly professes his love for Cindy by jumping around, throwing Cindy, and crushing Oprah's wrists and hitting her with a chair.

As with the other films in the series, Scary Movie 4 parodies a wide array of movies and television shows. The sexy was released on DVD on August 15, in rated scary minutes and unrated 89 minutes editions with deleted scenesbloopersand outtakes. The site's consensus states, "[ Scary Movie scenes is] sure to inspire a few chuckles, but not enough to compensate for the recycled material from its predecessors.

It's cleverly stupid. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Scary Movie 4 Theatrical release poster. Robert K. Sexy Craig Mazin. Brad Grey Pictures [1]. North America: Dimension Films [1] International: Miramax International. Cameo appearances [ edit ] Shaquille O'Neal as himself Dr. This section has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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