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It is our pleasure to provide you with an impressive and fun experience through traditional Kyoto culture.

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At our studio you can turn yourself into a maiko complete with real traditional wigs, kimonos, obis, shoes and accessories. And then you can have a studio portrait made, take your own photos and walk around on the fabulous old streets that are just minutes from our front door.

All aspects of your makeup are individually tailored to you. Our professional photographer from Higashiyama in Picture will ensure you look your most beautiful as a geisha.

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He prides himself on being the best in the business in Japan, and will capture a permanent photographic record of you that will surely exceed your expectations. As soon as you step outside, picture are enveloped in the quintessential Kyoto townscape. The vintage items arranged in the alcoves and on shelves, such as kakejiku scrolls, containers, and a Japanese-style clock, will help to bring out the geisha spirit in our guests.

Natural sunlight will illuminate you during the day, while mood lighting will lend a fairytale quality to shots of you taken at night. And the varied characteristics of the four seasons will lend their own special charm to your appearance as a maiko. We strongly suggest you choose the option picture a stroll independent escort sofia brussel maiko costume in this prime location. Exterior photography can begin as soon as you step outside. Your maiko photography package will be ready for you to pick up on the geisha of shooting.

You also have the option of purchasing all data files on a CD-R. We will provide natural skin cleansers and cosmetics that are kind to your skin. There is no need for you to bring anything for the Maiko transformation process.

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Our staff study basic English so as to best meet the needs of our oversees guests. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email with enquiries or requests for a reservation in English. All picture us here at AYA await the opportunity to make your Maiko Experience with us a fabulous memory for you! Copyright A woman in traditional Maiko dress looks out from a temple doorway.

Cute Japanese geisha girl in kimono costume holding a traditional racket doll in the hand. Geisha girl in Tokyo park Close-up of flower on Geisha Girl, a member of the verbena group of plants. Children's wooden toy doll of a Japanese Geisha Girl wearing a cherry blossom Kimono robe with white paper lantern background. Created by the Wang Lee family. Geisha girl ace of base lesbians with minimal focus on head and arm.

Geisha girl. Modern Geisha Girl Geisha Girl, Duranta erecta, purple flower Woman dressed as geisha Geisha girl with parasol and floral garland in her hair Asian wooden geisha girl doll wearing a red kimono. Close up of Japanese toy with white paper background.

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A Picture geisha poses in her traditional outfit in Tokyo Japan. Teisai Hokuba Japanese, ; Period: Cute Asian doll wearing a kimono with cherry blossoms Geisha woman figure in studio geisha A procession of fake geisha women is part of the festivities at the Sanja Matsuri Festival at Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo.

Edo period ; Maiko and Geisha walking around Gion in Kyoto Japan wearing traditional clothing with amazing makeup and hair.

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Cute Asian doll wearing a kimono with cherry blossoms Geisha woman figure in studio setting Woman geisha girl visiting Kodaji Temple city of Kyoto Japan Asia Historic traditional costume dress the geisha ladies are walking through the laneway at night with neon light maiko geisha Kyoto Japan May 18th A closeup of the face of a traditional Japanese Geisha doll stylized picture of a Japanese geisha, make-up done by professional Polish artist Lhong Chinese courtyard architecture in Bangkok in Thailand in Southeast Asia Far East.

Nikko, Japan, Asia. Traditional make-up and dress Picture in Tokyo park in traditional colorful kimono Maiko and Geisha walking around Gion in Kyoto Japan wearing traditional clothing with amazing makeup and hair.

Small Geisha toy wearing a kimono with cherry blossom patters on a white surface and paper divider in the background.