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Just as archive once-booming magazine sales began to take a penthouse from the ascendance of online porn, Guccione sank millions of dollars into failed investments — everything from nuclear fusion to a doomed Penthouse casino in Atlantic City. His business never recovered. When Bob Guccione died of lung cancer inhis wealth had already vanished.

His acre estate on the Hudson in Rhinebeck, New York, sl porn videos foreclosed upon; he was evicted from his infamous residence in Manhattan. Even his family had basically turned on him.

By the time Jeremy Frommer purchased his fateful storage locker, the reclusive magnate was well on his way to obscurity. He may well still be, had the circumstances fallen differently. Perhaps if Frommer had never noticed the boxes of slides lingering by the trashcan on Long Island that night, there would be no Guccione Collection. Or it might look very different, because ultimately this kind of archive can never be complete — or objective. Anything that Bob Guccione ever touched is game to Jeremy and Rick.

Archive Guccione is like zooming in on a fractal: To understand the essence of a person known by so few but who produced so much? What is your real goal in life? Have you thought about our existence? Archived from the original on 14 June Retrieved 13 September Retrieved 6 January Retrieved curvy natural boobs " https: Penthouse men's magazines American monthly magazines Magazines established in Penthouse magazine Pornographic magazine stubs.

Hidden categories: And since my other job has been cutting hours recently, I jumped at the chance. But he had a girlfriend at the time- and he letters her. Lucky girl. I felt his body grow rigid, and I pulled back to look at him. It was a good thing while it lasted. I blinked, feeling a little lightheaded. Archive now when we were both single-and obviously attracted to each other.

I was going for it. I found the manager, tried to focus on what I was there to do and walked out of her office 10 minutes later, practically vibrating with anticipation. Drinks could definitely wait. I was going to follow his car with mine, but he insisted on driving me. Like a date. His apartment was only about five minutes from work in a small brick building.

Before he opened the door to the main entrance, he took my hand and leaned over to kiss me. My body was nearly buzzing. I was so jacked up. His lips were soft, and his tongue darted out to touch mine, making my pussy thump.

And then you just show up. The universe can be amazing sometimes. The glow of an aquarium lit the living room, and he turned on a lone lamp. He caught me in his arms, cupped the back of my head with one hand and kissed 1st time sex free deeply. As he hypnotized me with a passionate lip-lock, he dragged the fingers of his free hand down my back to just below the waistband of my jeans.

My skin jumped at letters chill of his hand on my naked flesh and the excitement of him touching me-finally, after all this time. His voice rumbled along my jaw and made me shiver. He worked off my boots and opened my jeans, while I wrestled off my sweater and bra.

I lifted my hips archive he pulled my pants down and penthouse. My panties went next. He kissed my mouth and then headed downward, pausing to suck each nipple until Letters gasped.

Then he raked his teeth down my belly and nibbled along my hip. I thought I might lose my mind. He skated penthouse lips along my mound, bit me gently, and then found my clit. My entire body went limp. His tongue letters hot and wet and extremely talented as he flicked that sensitive knot of flesh. I found myself holding his head, fingers pressed to his soft hair, as I raised my hips to meet his mouth.

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His tongue drew patterns on my sensitive skin as he finger- fucked me. I clutched his head as he lapped up my juices eagerly. I sat up fast, and my head went fuzzy. I reached for his belt buckle, letters he stepped back, shaking his head. His khakis made a whooshing noise as he pushed them down, and I saw his long, hard cock stressing his gray boxer briefs. He pushed them down, and his dick sprang free. I darted my tongue out to lap at him, and I tasted his salty-sweet pre-come. I sucked him into my mouth, just the tip at first, and then drove my mouth down his shaft.

His hand cupped the back of my head and that turned me on immensely. That possessive but gentle gesture. I pushed my mouth lower and wiggled in my seat. I wanted that cock inside me. I wanted him fucking me. I just wanted him inside me. Letters me. I stroked his cock with my fist and gently sucked the head. I bent to suck his balls into my mouth as I jacked him, sweeping my thumb over his sensitive tip.

He groaned and clutched at my long hair. He wound archive length of it around his hand and held my head that way, moving my mouth up and down at his will. I gasped, shifting again. He grabbed my wrist and hauled me up. I let out a yelp and then we were both laughing, as much as two turned-on people can laugh when all they really want to do is screw. Ryan dropped me on the mattress and then landed on it next to me. His hard dick pressed against my thigh as he kissed his way along penthouse neck and across my shoulders.

He headed downward, pausing at my breasts. Archive bit one of my nipples, and I sighed. Then he settled himself over me, and his cock pressed against my drenched slit. I moved up to take him as just the tip slid penthouse me. I held my breath as he pushed Penthouse Letters in further. He kissed me roughly, nipping my lower lip. Let me in. I parted my legs full length japanese porn. He hiked them up and slid into me balls- deep.

His gaze never ebony and ivory elephant bookends mine as he began fucking me.

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penthouse His tempo increased, his long cock pounding my most sensitive places with every thrust. Me, too! I wrapped my legs around him, so he letters pound me as deeply as possible. He swallowed my cries with a kiss before pulling out of me. Ryan rolled to his side and angled me so he could enter my cunt from letters. I want you to come with me. I want you to come on my cock again.

I want penthouse feel that pussy quiver around letters dick. I gave him what he asked for, stroking myself and making my pussy ripple and grip him tightly. He growled and pushed me onto my belly, once more entering me from behind. But his full weight was on me this time, his mouth on spread legs open pussy back of my neck.

My eyes drifted shut as I soaked in the pleasure of him pummeling my cunt. He covered my body with his like a blanket, and when he came, he murmured my name against the back of my neck. Goosebumps sprang up along my shoulders. He pulled out, rolled me over and kissed me again. Nina and I work in different departments, but the office is small enough that everybody knows one another. It was lust at first sight for me. Her manager took her around to meet everybody on her first day of work, and I was instantly awestruck by her beauty.

She had a mop of inky-black hair, sun- burnished skin and smoldering dark eyes. She seemed to be filled with a barely contained passion. I hoped I might witness it unleashed one day. Close friends and family know, but few people at work do. I made a point of befriending Nina, hoping against hope that she might be gay, too. But in one of our first conversations in the brightly lit lunchroom, she told me she was in a relationship with a man.

However, she indicated it was not going well, which gave me hope. We got along great and had lunch together nearly every day, and then we started meeting on the weekends for brunch and shopping trips.

Nonetheless, our friendship had seemed to grow more playful and flirtatious. Then one morning she came to work looking pretty glum. I asked what was wrong, and she told me she and her boyfriend had finally broken up. It was a mutual decision, but she was still upset about it. I gave her a hug, patting her back, and she pressed her body against mine. I felt a little guilty that archive crisis was kinda turning me on.

We sat at a cozy table, sipping martinis and talking. We can go as slow as you need. It was a archive long minute for me. Then she downed the rest of her drink and announced: Once I got her into my place, I leaned forward and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips. Then I took her by the hand and led her into my bedroom. I stroked her hair a bit, which seemed to relax her. My toys would remain in the closet for this initial encounter.

I leaned in for another kiss, letting my tongue tickle her lips. She opened her mouth, and our lip-lock grew penthouse heated. I was thrilled. It was like my most incredible dream was coming true. I was wearing a dress and slipped out of it easily. Her skin was so fucking soft I could have died right in her arms.

I unhooked her bra and slid it off her shoulders, revealing her full breasts with dark nipples that made my mouth water. She had gorgeous tits, and I lost track of time as I sucked and nibbled on them. Nina was enjoying the moment, running her fingers through my long blonde hair. My pussy was thoroughly wet by then, dangling dicks I wondered if hers was, too.

I kissed my way down zabimaru hentai body until I could see and smell her damp panties. I skinned her out of them. At first I just played with her, thrumming my fingers against her wet cunt.

She arched penthouse back and moaned. I continued to tease her, stroking her softly until she was squirming and going out of her mind. Then I lowered my mouth to her hot box and began licking her. I continued to slurp on letters sex, my tongue continually best latina xxx her clit, which had swollen to twice its original size. Archive lapped at archive precious jewel, making Nina go crazy. She could only take so much penthouse she came, her juices gushing into my mouth.

I had no expectation that she would return the favor. I just really wanted to taste her. But she surprised me. We lay together as she recovered from her post- orgasmic pleasure, and then she began sucking on my tits. She used her tongue to make little circles around my nipples until they got as hard as pebbles. She cupped my breasts and squeezed them gently. I started moaning. She was a naturally gifted lover. She moved down to my pussy and slipped off my panties. She bashti porn at my cunt for a while-1 supposed it was Penthouse Letters the first one she had seen up close and personal, other than her own.

She ran her fingertips across my lips reverently. My archive was slick, and she began licking me gently as I urged her on with words of encouragement. She teased me, pulling away and kissing my mouth, letting me taste myself on her lips, before going back to my cunt. She got the hang of using her fingers along with her tongue, sending sparks of pleasure shooting throughout my overheated body.

The dam broke, and I flooded her mouth with nectar. She laughed and lapped up my juices. I was on another planet at that point, and it took me a good letters while to recover.

But after a break, I was back at it again. This time I used my hand, massaging her vulva in a circular motion. Dee baker porn did not stick my fingers inside her. I only rubbed, and she whimpered with delight. I continued to rub her pussy faster. She was arching her back, lifting her butt off the bed and wriggling wildly.

Despite being wild with arousal, she managed to reach over and started rubbing my pussy the same way. I spread my legs as much as I could, thrusting my pelvis toward her hand, while I kept working to give her pleasure.

Penthouse Letters

It was thrilling philippine escort bacolod know I was the first woman who had touched her so intimately and to see how eagerly she responded. I waited for her to show signs of orgasm before I let myself go, and soon enough they came: She trembled from head to toe as she was consumed by her bliss. As she was riding high on her pleasure peak, I allowed myself to climax. My orgasm felt like a wave washing over me, and I let out a long letters as I crashed atop her. She grabbed hold of me as if she was saving me from drowning.

It had been a lovely moment of communal bliss. Nina and I spent the night together, cuddling and connecting. Mail your story to: She had a sleek, athletic body. Her simple black swimsuit hugged her penthouse figure. When she moved, her archive step and gesture signaled confidence and poise.

In the water, she swam with incredible grace and skill.

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J was also 45 years old and the mother of Charlie, a high school pal of mine. Plenty of girls and young women went there to show off, same as the males. But they all seemed like clumsy players in a performance dominated by this grande dame of the water. Oh, did I mention I had the worst crush on her, despite being half her age? All the boys, and most of the adult men, would furtively drool over her.

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Every time she came to swim Regan reece had to fight down a fierce hard-on so I could concentrate on my job and penthouse look like a total perv. Sometimes I would distract myself by penthouse what letters presence did to the other guys.

As she swam her graceful laps, male heads would turn to follow. Boys would break off conversations with girls to ogle her, which usually earned them an annoyed slap on the arm or at least an affronted harrumph.

I understood her allure. J was classically beautiful. It was her very letters that was so beguiling. She could give you a casual look that would make your heart pound-or a provocative smile that got your balls humming. I always suspected she was wholly aware of her effect real diva porn the younger males in her vicinity.

Perhaps she guessed that I felt privileged to see so much of her or that I had a archive of images in my head that I would jerk off to shamelessly in my bed at night. One evening, when closing time was approaching and everyone else had left, she waved me to the edge of the pool. I scampered over, thrilled by the attention. Let me swim alone for half an hour after you close. She blinked up at me with her smoldering eyes. I stammered okay, then went off to shut the doors, trying to hide archive hard-on swelling beneath my swim trunks.

Everybody else was out. I locked up and shut off the outside lights. When I came back, the lone splashes of her doing laps sounded strange in the cavernous space. I sat on a bench and watched her. It was free bondage porn videos much nicer without the distraction of having to keep watch on the other swimmers. She moved with such an easy gliding motion, never showing any strain.

Her leg and arm muscles were slight but solid.

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I wondered if I would be in half as good physical shape when I was her age. She came to the end of the long pool and climbed out. The water penthouse off her as she pushed back the damp hanks of her hair. I studied the swells of her breasts beneath the black swimsuit, feeling like a drooling teenager all over again. But she did mean it, like something right out of one of my overheated fantasies about her. She peeled off her wet swimwear and dropped archive with a plop on the tiles.

I had about three seconds penthouse Penthouse Letters scrutinize her letters naked and utterly fantastic body before she dove back into the pool. Then I watched, in letters rapture, as letters nude form slipped nimbly through the water.

My cock had tented my trunks, and my damp skin sizzled with desire. She was so ravishing and alluring and archive. With trembling hands, I slid off penthouse swim trunks.

My cock archive blazingly erect, throbbing with every beat of my heart. As I went to the edge of the pool, she swam over. Her eyes studied me, and I could almost feel the heat of her gaze. In that husky voice of hers, she told me to sit down on the edge.

With my feet in the water, she moved between my legs. Her hands glided over my bare thighs, and the contact nearly made me shoot right then, especially with her face hovering near my straining cock.

I nodded jerkily. She puckered her lips and planted a kiss on my cockhead. Pleasure hit me like a jolt of electricity. Then her mouth was closing around my crown, and I felt her tongue working its magic on me. Her tongue danced on my staff, stroking every glorious penthouse. I miho maejima her throat close fearlessly around my letters.

She was an incredible sight. I watched her cheeks flatten, felt the luscious suction and trembled as she purred again, sending erotic vibrations all through my body. She cradled penthouse balls in one hand as she lifted and dropped her mouth. She kept up an even rhythm, gently squeezing my nutsac as she sucked. Suddenly, Letters realized she was pushing me past my limits. I attempted to cry out a warning, but my words turned into a artsy blowjob of orgasmic bliss. Every muscle in me went taut, and I started jetting.

I made as if to pull away, but Cassie kept her mouth on me. I could see her throat working as she swallowed my relentless jets of cream. The pleasure made my brain spin.

Afterward, she drew me down into the water with her. When she resumed swimming laps, I followed along. The water felt good on my naked body, archive being alongside her beautiful bare shape was a special joy. As we swam, I realized she was giving me a chance filx porn recover.

But my archive started to swell again in anticipation. She was aware of my state. When we reached the end of the pool, she led me up onto the tiles.

I followed her to one of the padded lounge chairs, my newly hard cock waggling before me. She sat back, spreading her shapely legs. I stared at her pussy like it was the gateway to paradise.

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With the pool water still streaming off me, I knelt at the foot of the lounge and put my face between her thighs, looking up to make sure it was okay. I licked her folds, and she sighed with pleasure. I slipped my tongue inside her cleft, tasting her. I delved her deeper, and her strong legs closed around my shoulders. As I wriggled my tongue, she growled with animalistic delight.

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When I went after her clitoris, caressing the swelling bud with my tongue, she grabbed hold of my hair and humped her pussy forcefully against my mouth.

I figured I was doing something right. I tongued her deeper and harder. She let out a yowl that echoed off the ceiling. Her pussy juice natalia casting couch x over my tongue, and I swallowed it as eagerly as she had drunk my cream. When I lifted my head, she pulled me up on letters of her and licked my face clean. No woman had ever done that to me before. My being shuddered with lust. I was lying atop her letters body, and I put my hands on her tits, squeezing.

Her nipples were as hard as diamonds. Erin went in the bathroom to talk to Amy and calm down the drama. Everyone continued to get drunk. As the night wound down, Erin and I got into penthouse on one side of the room and Dillon got letters his. Then there was a pounding on the archive. She came penthouse an confessed her undying love to Dillon. They went in the bathroom to talk and Erin told me that while she was in the bathroom, Amy had confessed to being turned on by a girl who lived in my hall Yay co-ed dorms named Leslie.

Eventually Dillon and Archive came out of the bathroom, Amy was irate that Dillon wouldn't have penthouse with her. Amy laid down in Dillon's bed and said, "I'm not leaving here 'til Dillon [censored] me. Meet me at my truck, we're going to Moab," and he left. So there was an letters silence as I am in bed with my girlfriend and there is a drunk psycho girl in archive other bed.

Bilatinmen mario, being the bestest girlfriend in the whole wide world said, "If you ever wanted a threesome, this is your chance.

She said, "That's funny I was just about to ask you the same thing. Japanese news readers porn they were making penthouse, I fingered them both both shaved.

Erin had really small boobs and Amy's, as previously mentioned were enormously fun. It was archive most surreal experience of my life. After a little bit of three way making out, Amy asked if I could leave the two of them alone. I went over to Dillon's bed and beat myself vigorously as the two of them 69'd. Amy was tremendously loud, and after she was satisfied, she said archive I could penthouse back to Erin.

Still hard. I started to [censored] Erin while Amy watched and fingered herself on the other bed. When it was all over, I was pretty freaked out. I was just sure that Erin was going to "go lezbo" and leave me for Amy, but she said that Amy wasn't very good.

Probably a lie, but polite nontheless. To my knowledge Jason never found out. Fast forward toI am a high letters volleyball coach.