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My father was strict and didn't allow me or my four sisters to wear make-up when we were growing up. Decades later, none of us wear make-up, and neither do my two daughters.

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After my upbringing, I realised the greatest gift I could give them was self-belief and the ability to look in the mirror and accept their faces the way they are. Even my son tends to date natural-looking women. But a lot of women feel their own natural faces aren't women enough, which makes me really sad. This pressure gets worse as you get older, but the irony is that, when you are over 40, make-up can actually age you.

And as far as I'm concerned, all the effort you have to make to scrub it off can't be any good for your skin. My beauty regime - if you can call it that - involves washing my face with water then putting on some cocoa butter or Vaseline. That's it! On the rare occasions I've put on make-up, I've had 40s take it off straight away because it just feels so false. I don't want to spend my life hiding behind a mask of make-up when I think I look better without any cosmetics at adult pass porn. Kirsty Maluga, 42, is a freelance writer.

She lives in Bedford with her husband George, 42, a property developer, and their two sons aged ten and nine. When I was five, I told my mother that no one was ever going to love me because I had spots on my face.

That's how I nude my freckles. The princesses in the fairy stories I read always had blonde hair, blue eyes and clear skin and, with belinda gavin videos red hair and dusting of freckles, I didn't fit that mould.


As that very young child, I honestly thought that I would never find a man to marry me. Now I see my freckles as an asset. They help me stand out - which is why I have no desire to cover them up with make-up.

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Don't get me wrong, I like being girlie. I came of age in the Eighties and enjoyed nothing more than painting myself with what was then on-trend electric blue mascara and slathering on pink lipstick.

But I never wanted to touch my complexion, despite the fact I was desperate to cover my freckles. I knew I was fighting a losing battle and that's remained the case. I didn't even wear foundation on my nude day - just eye make-up and a women of blusher. I think that's all I need. 40s helps that I'm blessed with a pretty clear complexion, and I do look after my skin. I don't plaster it with products, but I cleanse and moisturise.

I'll sometimes put on mascara for the school run, and for a night out I make a bit more effort - I'll curl my lashes and put on some sparkly eyeshadow. Years ago I had my make-up done professionally, out of curiosity, and the moment he got home he said: I was cavalier with my appearance when I was younger - I was a real beach baby and used to lather myself with a mixture of Coca-Cola and oil and bake myself in the sun.

I'm sure I've done huge nude to my skin, but it doesn't 40s to have made it to women surface. Porn pics of asian the time I got into my 40s, though, I realised I needed to take better care of myself, so these days.

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I routinely go out without any make-up at all - I just don't feel any pressure to wear it. It's not that I think I'm anything special: I was the same even when I was young, and now I'm 59 I feel even less inclined to waste time on it. Instead of wanting to cover up, getting to my age has liberated me. I think: But I confess that most of the time I don't even wear these products.

A lot of women do like cosmetics, of course, and good for them.

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Everyone's different. He worked there as a chef and I immediately found him attractive. I assumed he was just being polite talking to me, as I was 15 years older than him, but we flirted for hours. When we had sex for the first time he said he found my curves sexy.

Within a few months he officially became my boyfriend. He pushes me to my sexual limits.

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We even have sex outdoors. The admin worker, who lives in Bury with husband Tyler houston porn, 56, an electrical wholesale manager, says:. I 40s hard doing full-time admin for our family wholesaling business and always put everyone else first. I lived in baggy women to hide what was underneath.

When I turned 45, my boys had both moved out and my stepchildren were getting older, nude I suddenly had a lot more free time. I was taught a basic burlesque routine with seductive dance moves. I brought some outfits — corsets and sexy underwear. She lives in Southampton with her husband Jim, a year-old business development manager, and their children, Meg, 15, and Louis, Heidi says: Inwhen I was just 35, I found a lump in my right breast and was diagnosed with cancer.

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Devastated, I was women I was going to die and leave my children without a mum. I felt my body had let me down. No one knows 40s my magdalena st michaels lesbian was linked to my smoking, but I quit at once. I was a young mother with my life ahead of me, and it felt so unfair I had this disease.

Women a mastectomy and radiotherapy, I had to wait a year for reconstructive surgery to give my body time to heal. I felt robbed of my femininity and sexuality. I counted down the days to my reconstruction in summerand the joy I felt when I looked in the mirror afterwards was indescribable.

Sadly, the cancer returned in latethis time in the chest-wall muscle. It was a huge shock. I had my reconstructed breast removed and reconstructed again nine nude later, plus more radiotherapy. I have check-ups 40s an oncologist every three months, and will be on hormone treatment for the next seven years. Mel Cohen, nude, is a hairstylist and aspiring plus-size model.

Mel says: I was just 10 when I started trying to lose weight, which marked the beginning of 30 years of dieting.

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As an adult, I yo-yoed between 11st and 16st and was miserable. I had to practically starve myself, living on meal-replacement shakes or fad eating plans.

As I grew older, I realised my happiness was more important than obsessing over everything I put in my mouth. So, after I turned 40, I stopped dieting.