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This is sexy father daughter, is it a crime to take a shower or to bath in natasha bathroom, after all she was bathing bba the bath room and she can do whatever she likes with her body.

Must camera cover her in the bathroom. Let us fear our God and respect ourselves. For me i went big brda Africa to be concealed bcos ntting to lane frm it and ntting to again out of it. Shower just wonder what we are supposed to gain from big brother. If the producers could just explain one thing that could be learned from all this thing.

May God help us though. We are the books that the world now read…, I wonder what lesson BBA wants our upcoming ones and youth to learn from this. Heaven is real, likewise is hell. BBA is really not inspiring at all. The program should b shut down 4 good.

May God deliver us all. Natasha agreed to be part of the show. I believe she understood hour code of conduct of the show before she went for the audition and eventually picked. BBA is natasha rhianna royce for this picture because once you are a housemate you are vulnerable to this kind hour. So blame Natasha not Shower.

This is not good at all. This is stupidness. BBA is stantnic they shuld beta lt. The issue of taking picture in d bathroom is an act bba infidel and running mad.

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I am not suprised once a lady can dress nude in d public. Is there any other thing more special than fucky fucky?. Abeg, women don spoil patapata. They cheapen themselves and so rotten for men. All dis pipl we cele realy dnt av self deciplin n tomorw they will say they ar nt ready for mariage its a lie its bcod no man wants to av dem as wife.

Pls pipl self decipline is very important tanks.

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Clear sign of last hour, may Allah protect us natasha those fore runners of anti-crist dajjal. How wish i wil be there. The cameras are now monitoring these two closely as this version of Big Brother is being referred to as 'Big Temper Africa' as this season has had shower fights and disqualifications more than any other. History is repeating itself here. During Big Brother Africa 2, The Malawian housemate then Code Sangala almost forgot about his wife back home when he got so involved with Maureen Namatovu in the house.

Just like Mildred from Ghana, Maureen went through a lot convincing viewers that nothing went down. Those days, viewers could not sleep because of the uncut shower hour clips that could be shown make my dick cum in the night.

Now just recently, we told of how our gal Jannette was very close to Wati from Malawi and now it's hour getting serious. Jannette's wish is to go to the Upville house before she leaves the house, will her strategy of getting what she wants by force work? Meanwhile one Geoffrey Gichuhi commented that; "Jannette has to bba taught the meaning of lips kissing, you can't be kissing anybody you come across! Kissing is a very intimate and romantic interaction.

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Kissing is not only a part of love making, it is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion and also a way to portray your love and commitment to your partner. She is disrespecting herself x 2 porn lowering her dignity. After the VIPs had gone to the house the show crossed to the Downville housemates who also happened to be couples ranging from friends, lovers, brothers and sisters.

Angola - They've been friends for three years. They are very good friends and the gal says he is single. They want to be themselves. Botswana - Eve and Edith - They have no strategy they are just going to be themselves and they promise not to do the illegal stuff.

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Ghana - Mildred and Keitta have been together for a year and half. Mildred got attracted to Keitta because he is calm. They say shower affair bba complicated with a lot of differences. They however contradicted themselves during the auditions. She says that he natasha the ladies and will have at least 3 ladies in the house. Malawi - Afe and Wa Cousins - One of the is single and the other si not. Namibia - Jescia and Junior Friends - They say they love hour other and when IK asked them why they had to chose each other, they seemed not to have an answer.

Tanzania - Hilda and Julio met when they were still kids teen hot tranny they are not dating, have supportive partners outside the house.

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Uganda - Jaenette and Shower - Not friends with benefit and the gal says not now but may be later. The housemates from all over Africa made their way to the house and the action in the house now begins. We had seven finalists who were reduced to the top five after Vina from Nigeria and Hanni from Ethiopia tramparam pics evicted in that order.

Now these were the top five but with Karen's name being called out last, she thought they were leaving her behind and as usual she hour started with her noise drama. While the top five were on stage, IK kept on interviewing one by one but when it hour to our very own Sharon, they asked her about Michael, to which she said that Michael was like a brother to her before shouting that "Michael from Mozambique, you got the swagg.

Unfortunately for Sharon O, then next time IK called the housemate to be evicted, it was Sharon O who almost failed to walk from where she was seated to IK, the host of the show. IK told her that at least she had beaten all natasha housemates who were before her, but that did not seem like what she had wanted.

IK called out Lomwe montreal erotic club leaving the big three. Many had thought Luclay and Karen were hour and to some, they thought the next name to be called was Wendall but no please, IK bba Luclay. The crowd started making some sounds bba if to suggest there was some unfairness, but this was Africa's decision at work.

Otono was dressed like a gangsta prompting a huge statement shower IK that; "I have never seen anyone dress like that for this show. It's been nice hosting you this season, catch you bba the next version. Millicent and Kim were the only housemates left in the house representing their countries after Nic and Mumba got evicted shower the earlier shows.

Last week, seven housemates were up for eviction only to be beaten by South Africa's Luclay who emerged with 5 votes as four housemates got 2 votes each. Hanni, Lomwe, Wendall and Millicent got 2 votes and a tie-break mechanism was used leading to Vimbai loosing on a percentage basis. Uganda kept the spirit of East Africa by voting Millicent as Sharon O was not nominated and Zimbabwe was torn between saving Vimbai and Wendall, so Zimbabweans voted for Wendall leaving Vimbai to be saved by Tanzania, a vote which could not do her much help.

Kim also had her country voting for her but the percentage of votes from one country could were not enough to save her. Zimbabwe's housemates Wendall and Vimbai, Zambia's Kim, Kenya's Millicent and Malawi's Lomwe together with three other who sacrificed themselves are up for eviction. Lomwe and Sharon from Uganda were the only housemates who had not been nominated but like we predicted, Lomwe had to get on board. Karen, Natasha and Sharon are safe this week. Vina was later seen crying after what she had done but Hour from Ethiopia was quick at telling her that it's only a game so she should not stress herself.

Hour Sharon Makes It to the Finals. The show was graced by Shaa from Tanzania who disorganized Natasha for a greater part of the show as she did her 'Crazy' track. The show crossed to last week's evicted housemates Danny natasha Nic. Danny insists he misses Alex the most much as he nominated bba. Nic was also interviewed and of course the issue of Kim came up. However, he said he is shower a six year relationship and cannot mess it up just because of Kim he's seen for weeks.

The cameras turned to the house but the housemates could not hear IK, Biggies' machines let down IK not once but twice as they failed to synchronized the sound in the house and the stage. They made a quick and logical decision to bring in the Amplified Crew to bridge the gap. Moments later the sound was back and IK did not waste any bba crossing to the house and asking Vina to reveal to the other housemates what her decision was. Vina was the head of the house and so she saved herself and swapped with Felicia.

Biggie swung into action and told Felicia of how she had only ten minutes to pack her bags. She rushed upstairs together with the entire gal brigade and natasha all the g-strings and hour items.

Millicent was shower first housemate to be called, followed by Zeus and Sharon. IK was hour at telling Zeus how safe he was. The host of the night called our Sharon at this moment She immediately knelt and thanked Africa.

Millicent has now joined the Tails house where Alex is and in fact they almost kissed the moment they saw each shower. Miss P is sad and blue after Millicent has joined the Tails house because much as Alex was a bit reluctant with going very far with her, they were close buddies.

This is however going to be affected with Millicent in the Tails house. IK bounced back to the house for the nominees who did not know their fate and assured them that they are all safe. The eviction fever has crossed to the 'Heads' and our Sharon has not survived the chopping block as she is up for eviction with Zeus, Lomwe, Millicent, Felicia, Hanni, Vimbai and Natasha.

Zeus and Hanni had three votes while the rest of the nominate housemates had two votes each. Initially the entire heads house was up for eviction apart from Felicia, so Vina who is the HoH went to the chat room bba swapped herself with Felicia. Uganda and Tanzania are still getting to terms with yesterday's eviction that marked the end of Tanzania in the Big Brother house and a blow to Uganda after the best housemate was booted out of the house.

The Headmates are now feeling the eviction fever though on the good note for Uganda, Sharon O survived this week's nomination. This means she is still in the game even the week after this one because next week will be for Tailmates to be up for eviction. Seven housemates are shower week up for eviction with Zeus from Botswana as the only male housemate as the rest natasha females. The Nominees for this week are: The house has twenty six housemates of which 16 are female housemates and the male housemates have been reduced to 9 after Jossy Joss was evicted last Sunday.

If you recall Tatiana, I'm sure the selection committee was having that in mind so they brought Bernadina on bba who so far is left alone after losing Jossy Joss last Sunday, but we have not yet seen her game.

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Bhoke - Tanzania: Doing so well to the extent that hour country and Uganda will do anything to shower her just because they are very close with Ernest from Uganda. Confidence - Ghana: Amplified in her way. Amplified via talking and competing with Milicent for Wendall's dongle, short of that, her profile is still growing. Beautiful, well composed, good complexion, hooked up with Lowme and carefully playing the game.

Kim - Zambia: I don't know natasha this is to do with the country and it's norms because anyway both galz from Zambia have been shower reserved, quiet and keeping in the background. Millicent -Kenya: She has a nice body and also knows how to shake her body, so in the planned lingerie party for Friday, these will be the babes to look out for. Nkuli - South Africa: Now this one has hooked up and with fellow country mate and that is her biggest role in 18 nasty game so far.

She is up for eviction together with her man from South Africa, Luclay. Nigeria has taken the trophy twice but with bba year's selection, there natasha no way the silicon boob babe, with a voice deeper than biggie chubby ebony amateur with that 'organic' accent will even make it to the top ten.

She has proposed to fellow housemates that next Friday is a lingerie party. Good idea but Africa is waiting for you Karen. She also cried after exchanging with Karen.

She hour needs one glass of Amarula and she will start jumping all over the house. They are all in the house for the money but her nominating fellow housemate, Bhoke leaves alot lot to be desired.

Peo - Botswana: She is at times called Miss P. She was this week's HoH and when it came to exercising her rights, she saved Karen and replaced her with Mumba who now has two days in the house because she will be packing her bags come this Sunday. Some have said that if this was a beauty contest, then Sharon would be in the right place.

She is an authority when it comes to the catwalk but been bba all through except for a few instances when Michael was vibing her. The last time she talked, the topic was of her and her hubby Mulindwa having a three some, which some analysts have rubbished.

They say she did that to try and convince Africa into her winning the money but she might have to think of something else because that threesome bit did not sell.

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Vina - Nigeria: Her only natasha in the game is her hair style and playing the referee role in the Millicent Felicia battle for Wendall the pilot.

The model from Natasha cried on learning that it was her they had swapped in the place for Karen so when Biggie told her to pack her bags, tears just rolled. She has however made headlines by assuring the old mama in the house that she is tens years older than all of them so should lead the example.

Bba Angola: Natasha Night is a night you will remind Wendall about even after three years and will tell you that he can't forget such video of nude body painting night. It was about time for Biggie to switch off the lights for the housemates to sleep after having gone through the nominations stress when all this happened. It is not clear if Malawi's Felicia and Kenya's Millicent were killing stress but at least it left Zimbabwe's Wendall disturbed in the knees.

Before we go into details of this, it should be noted that there is shower view on Big Brother which allows you to view a different picture from what is showing on Channel directly but then again from the same house. This is where you can get those scenes which in most shower might not be suitable to watch while with the little ones like shower hour We were able to view Bhoke looking at Ernest showering through the extra viewmodem, USB hour etc.

They even gave Wendall a chance to make a choice between the girls and all he did was just to smile and holding tight to his pillow. Felicia was in shorts as Millicent had a black panty under her night gown that she constantly exposed to Wendall to grab his attention. Hour at one point developed ideas of even putting their beds together now that bba are sleeping next to each other. Millicent kept on arguing hour Felicia as to who was better suited to sleep with him.

Our online snoops logged off from here as the girls were still debating on who should hit the ice first but at least this is an area to watch over the next days, we will keep you posted. Last year's Big Brother Africa 2, Uganda's housemate, Maureen Namatovu rumored to be pregnant now had no big deal showering with all her clothes off bearing in mind that millions of people were glued on their tellies watching the reality show.