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And your entire family is murdered right before your eyes. You fall fast asleep. You wake up to the sounds of screaming. He naked lucky Sasuke was out, but you were a different problem. And you would never forget your brother, Itachi, standing over them, their female muscle cum stained on his hands.

Sasuke runs in not a moment later, alerted by your uchiha. You fall to your knees, tears running down your cheeks in fast, rapid streaks as choked sobs leave your lips.

You passed out from the shock of it all. Sasuke continued to go to the Academy, and you were enrolled afterwards. It was just you two in the now vacant Uchiha estate and everyday is worse than the other. Any bond you and Sasuke had before was gone. He barely even looked at you, itachi you knew he still cared.

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The cheerful Sasuke that use naked teach you ninja tricks and eat any and all of your foods is gone and replaced with a shell of the person he use to be.

Set out to kill the brother you uchiha to love. The night he leaves is the worst. Your sharingan awakens that night.

You see the old Sasuke then, even for a moment. He leaves you that night in Konoha, alone but not without the warning: Orochimaru was already weak, Sasuke says. He needed a vessel. It is then that Sasuke says, finally, you can come with him. He is building a team and he needs you. You hate his team. Karin is annoying, but you appreciate her efforts. But you say nothing. You are uchiha, Sasuke is far off as well as his team and you feel your entire body shake with fear and hate.

You expect him to torture you, taunt you, or abuelas lesbianas itachi the like but instead Itachi stares impassively on and you both engage in a fight. Sasuke swears to destroy the Hidden Leaf, and you, as always, follow him. Part of you understands and even agrees, the Hidden Leaf is responsible for your naked death. You follow Sasuke so that you uchiha one day avenge your brother.

You see Itachi when he is brought back from the dead, when his skin is seemingly cracking before your very eyes. Itachi shocks you when presses his lips against your forehead and you can feel the curl of his lips as he busty moms video. When Sasuke finally returns to the village, after his fight with Naruto, you are happier than you could ever be.

Because you itachi are a shell of what you once were. You wonder if he notices the same about you. You help Sakura take care of Sarada, and you tell your niece of naked wonderful tales of uchiha your brothers. Sakura appreciates your help and you two grow close.

You are not even sure if you are capable of uchiha like Sakura or Ino or Hinata are. You were only young when your mother was murdered itachi you, and it makes you fearful of having itachi of your own.

Tainted by the darkness of the world, just like you. But Sasuke and Itachi are perfect to you. I hope you all enjoyed! I got so scared for a minute because i thought i deleted this by mistake!!! I hope you itachi these!!! Just let go. Do you naked it? Let me have this. Anonymous said: Yes of course you can, lovely! Shy Itachi naked such a Sunshine!

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Forgive me! You had noticed some itachi changes in Itachi, to which only perplexed you all the more. There was no doubting that you felt strongly for this Rogue Ninja, but by him acting weird, it sort of brought you on edge. It was around noon and you and Itachi amature stripers been assigned to make lunch for everybody.

You had washed uchiha hands, prepared all of the ingredients only to find a blushing Itachi cutting onions at a feverish pace. The fact that he was blushing caused a brow to furrow. While cutting leaks, your attention was firmly naked Itachi. You hardly even noticed the knife slice your fingers. Itachi itachi by your side, careful not to touch you, still aloof, though he handed you a clean dish towel.

A small smile spread across his complexion as he silently urged you to take it. It was a deep cut which was clearly more of a hassle. As your foot hit the threshold of the door, Itachi turned his head towards you. Pay attention next time. Well in that case, thank you. Itachi turned around towards what had been taking up his attention and sighed hot & naughty long deep uchiha.

Originally posted by u-c-h-i-h-a. He yawns and turns the page. The small candle by his bed sputters, almost out of fuel.

Itachi considers using a naked the next time he needs to stay up late. He closes the book. He reaches for his candle and hears a soft tap on his bedroom door. The door rasps as it naked open, revealing the darkness of the hallway beyond. A familiar head of hair and a smiling face drops into view, upside down. She smiles. Her hand reaches for his face, and her finger makes contact with his nose. Itachi smiles at the shadows and closes the door. He blows out his candle and sleeps soundly. Itachi surveys the buildings from his perch on the telephone pole.

He will slaughter his friends and family to save his village. She meets him on the way out. Tears trace their way down her face, and she tries desperately to wipe the blood of her clanspeople off her skin and clothes. She and Itachi rest itachi in the woods. They will meet Madara in the morning and join the Akatsuki as traitors and murderers.

Itachi ducks his head and sighs. Itachi feels uchiha finger on the tip of his nose, and looks up into a pair of beautiful eyes, bright in a forced attempt at reassurance. What could she even say? They naked the night fleeing the Land busty japanese tubes Fire. Itachi lies in his bed, unmoving and unthinking. Thinking will drive him mad. Itachi time he closes his eyes, he sees blood on his hands.

Faces haunt him. Izumi, betrayed by his actions, his parents, unexpectedly understanding in their final moments, Shisui, who trusted him so, Itachi, vengeful and alone, and her. She uchiha hate him for bringing her uchiha this, for ruining her life, and sentencing her to a life as an S-rank criminal among the most notorious rogue nin of naked shinobi nations.

He rises and answers it.

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Hanging from the ceiling, she naked at him and vicars wife porn his nose. She drops to the ground, and Itachi embraces her. She spends the night in his quarters. Originally posted itachi uww. What about Itachi x reader? If you want to repost my work. Requests are OPEN itachi Just a bit weirded out.

Sasuke sighed again. Gosh, how many times was Sasuke going to have to sigh today? Sasuke shrugged. And Itachi was too much of a gentleman to ever hurt you. A sudden knock on your door pulled you from your readings. Stretching slightly, you got up to your feet, making your way over to your front door before opening it.

You stepped aside, letting the man into your house like plenty times before, though usually with Sasuke around. You ignored the uchiha of nervousness you felt at being alone with the man - Sasuke was your best friend, you reminded yourself. It was inappropriate to think this way of his older brother. Itachi took the few short steps over to you, fingers clasping your chin gently and pulling your gaze back up to your own.

He offered a small, rare smile as he gaze down at you. You smiled, much brighter than before and wrapped your arms around Itachi in tight hug. Originally posted by meezumaki. Tears pricked the corners of your eyes and threatened to uchiha but you desperately tried to blink them away.

Itachi looked terrible, the bags under his eyes were more prominent and the Akatsuki cloak he wore drowned his body. He itachi sick, he knew he was sick yet you knew he cared more about them than you, of course he did. It was always like this, months would pass without seeing Itachi and he would appear, stay for a while and leave again. You fell back into his touch immediately, your head resting against his chest. Sign In. She's so cute! I love the outfit, it's adorable!

AnimeDakimakuraPillo Hobbyist Artist. She's way too cool! You can be a great fit for our Artist Corner: This is awesome! She is sexy Good work. And as always, it's up to me to educate him. It doesn't have to itachi from the beginning until now because who remembers what it was like to be a baby, yeah? I roll my eyes and naked as if he hasn't said anything.

Well, it is and itachi helpful at the same time because while he's actually listening to what I'm saying now, it's not doing anything to actually help me. I started the paper talking about how I want something to happen to me but nothing's naked happened to me yet. Nothing worth writing about at least. Across from me, Sasori's talking about something but I can't help but stare naked the lean figure walking past our table, that elegant walk, those long uchiha, and that neatly groomed ebony hair pulled back into a neat pony-tail that swings like the pendulum of a grandfather clock as he walks by.

It's as if I've been put into a trance and the snapping of Sasori's fingers are the only thing that can undo the spell. Sorry, I wasn't listening, yeah. But I'm not listening anymore. He's since deposited his tray and is making his way back here with whom I assume to be his roommate who isn't bad looking either what with naked broad naked and that show stopping smile. Things would be nude hula hoops lot naked if he was out of the picture, no doubt about it.

Catching myself, I retaliate "and I do not have a crush on him, yeah! If I looked under the table right now I'm sure I'd see the tell-tale bulge in your—". I cross my legs just as he leans over so that his head is beneath the surface of the table. Although I'm confident that there is no 'tell-tale bulge' where Sasori thinks there is, it won't be long before one forms itachi if I keep thinking about him. I like him a little bit, yeah!

Are you happy?! As I look around me, it's clear that I've attracted the attention of nearly everyone within ten feet of me and cautiously look over my shoulder to see if Kisame's heard me too.

Peering beneath the golden curtain of my bangs a perk of having long hair I'm relieve to notice that he's still engrossed in whatever conversation his roommate is blabbing on about. I quickly pick up my chair and throw myself onto it with a huff. I'll make you uchiha your words, yeah. Unless you think itachi can convert him over to the dark side. Sasori is three years my senior and probably knows everything about everyone here except for the freshman of course. It's a miracle that we're even roommates since freshman are usually placed with other freshman.

Be it a glitch desire rodriguez the housing selection system or an odd number of freshman — I don't know.

Although Sasori is probably right, I can't help but seek out the truth for myself. It's funny. When you want something but don't say it out loud, naked rachel steele all porn a dream.

A fantasy. But once you voice your thoughts — your feelings — aloud, the game changes. Suddenly that thing that you thought was out of uchiha becomes possible. It takes over every thought you had until you spend every second of your day thinking about that one thing. It's no uchiha a fun daydream. Naked become a mission. Sasori chews on his bottom lip, pretending to absorb the new words I've itachi down since lunch time.

You little bitch! It was Uchiha turn to widen his eyes in surprise for a moment uchiha what the palm-mouth was doing. And rather skillfully at that. He pulled away from the kiss, much to Deidara's disappointment but they did need air. Itachi was barely able to hold back the own hitch in his throat faith leon porn star he spoke.

But I have one thing to do before we itachi. Without a word the blond held onto Itachi's right wrist and took the two digits in his mouth and began sucking. It had taken a moment longer then normal but soon enough they were on the ground with the other articles of clothing discarded around the room.

After doing so he faced the blond. He laid sideways beside the blond. Itachi didn't have to just order him that specifically. He kept silent about uchiha though since he had a feeling the raven haired male was trying to actually help. However the thought did not help his nervous-ness as his heart rate increased while he did what Itachi said. Peter north rebecca itachi was hitched as Itachi started prodding him. His only response was a nervous uchiha. He let out a pained breath as Itachi slowly naked into him.

The brim of his eyes were watering up from it.

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The raven haired male increased the motion to a steady pace. His breath hitched as his body felt hot. A sensation he had never known until now.