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Each with a choice of 2 Zip Linings. Change it out for a lining for Spring or Fall and add a warmer one for Winter. So versatile.

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This history lover is eating this up! Good lord, I want them all! Brooches are my FAV! Look at these beauties? Which one is your favourite I really like the bow and the horse?

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Menswear time! For the Home: Wallpaper designs to match…the couch cover, carpet, cat etc. Big Band Leader, Woody Herman approves these instruments. Hopefully your all okay with that! Question Time: Do you own a vintage catalog? If so what company and timeline? Also please share what you loved catalogs in the comments section below. A very good condition Montgomery Ward Catalogue. My friend Donna Bull Donna with all the Barbie family and the vintage collection of paper dolls had one at her house and I loved to watch the color wheel turn and reflect on the blue glass ornaments.

Stockings, not pantyhose. Nice ones came in boxes at department stores. Cheap ones were sold in packets at the grocery or dime store. Yes, they really did have a lot of stuff for a dime.

Not just candy but also toys like jacks and balls and a lot of montgomery stuff. Fauk1 com dime was what you got from the store when you returned 5 pop bottles.

All men carried handkerchiefs. So did all ward ladies I knew. My mother even made sure that I had my own.

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If you click on the page, a larger image will load and you can vintage the ward and descriptions better. Clock radios were a real luxury. It was about this time that my parents download pornclips their first one and it looked a lot like the one in the picture. I miss Montgomery Montgomery. I remember when they announced bankruptcy early ? It was like closing the door on something that epitomized my childhood…curling up with the Sears Wishbook or the MW catalog, dreaming and dreaming some more of what Santa might bring.

I feel the catalogs way.

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The southwest distribution center for Montgomery Ward was in Fort Worth. Sears worries me. My mom still gets a kick just thinking of how many hours I mulled over that Christmas catalog trying to dwindle down my list for Santa.

I remember the anticipation and thrill I got when the new catalog arrived in our mailbox each season. And of course, the Christmas catalog was the best. A few catalogs my catalogs are from the antique mall and the oldest Christmas one is from a doll store. But most of them are from ebay. But watch those shipping prices before ward bid. Some of them are atrocious! I can still remember the excitement when a new catalog would arrive in our mailbox.

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