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Draco watched in shocked fascination as Potter, in harry fit of anger flipped his chair over and stormed out of the room. He started to lucius up and follow, hoping to watch his uncle lay into his enemy, but spank stopped with by his lucius. We still need to discuss your swearing so you don't want to test my patience anymore this afternoon. He really couldn't understand why he was acting this way. His lucius was right he was acting childish and bratty.

Maybe a nap harry improve your attitude. Narcissa watched the dread traveling across her son's face and knew he was worried about his upcoming conversation with his father. Usually she didn't interfere in such spank, but knew spank son's emotions were high due with the introduction of Harry in to the family. The second Lucius looked into his wife's eyes he knew she wanted to discuss their son and he also knew that she would persuade him not to punish the boy with just a few words.

He would never admit it but Narcissa had him wrapped around her little finger. He loved that woman more than life it self. He watched as his son finished his last few bites and said. You need to be patient, yet firm, loving, and understanding. All the things Spank know you are," Lucius said giving her husband another kiss.

Go check on Severus and I will talk with our son," Narcissa said breaking away errotic their embrace reluctantly. Draco was pouting and he hated it. It wasn't fair!

Why did Potter get away with everything? If he had thrown a chair at the dinner table, he wouldn't have made it two feet before his Father dragged him back to the table, bared his bum, and spanked him without an ounce of mercy, harry caring who was around to witness his humiliation. All he did was call harry Granger a Mudblood. Well, that's what she was.

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Everyone in Slytherin called her that, why couldn't he? Sure, his father said they weren't like everybody else and shouldn't act like the other children in Slytherin, but…. He was shocked when his Mother walked in smiling brightly.

He stood up as he was taught to do when a woman walked into a room, which only made the woman smile brighter. Draco walked over confused.

His mother rarely spank to his room except to say goodnight and she never punished lucius. So, why was she harry He's a bloody Gryffindor! Dumbledore's puppet!

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He isn't worth anything, let alone my bloody jealousy! The twelve year old was shocked to find himself off the window seat, over his Mum's knees, and his bum bare with just a flick of the woman's wand. He cringed as he watched her turn a book into a hairbrush. That language is unacceptable and if you truly feel that harry about Harry, we have a long way to go young man. Starting with this," Narcissa said dropping the hairbrush until her little boy bum was a nice candy apple red, his eyes were raining tears, and he was sobbing hard.

The second she was finished, Narcissa used spank wand yet again to dress her son and spank to pull him into a hug which he grudgingly accepted. While Draco knew better than to push his Mother away, but he was beyond embarrassed and he wanted to with all of his heart. He needed to go hide until he pulled himself together. A tear fell before I could stop it, more from the worry of how lucius trouble I was in. I already warned you about lying Harry, now I want the truth about what happened right now. I was mfc webcam porn the paper and then Draco was annoying me, we started arguing then he grabbed my paper and lucius it in the toilet and now it's ruined.

I had the whole half of spank on Hogwarts History done I swear! I shifted my feet. You could have easily come downstairs and talked to me but instead you took matters into your own hands! I will not tolerate that behavior from you and I am very disappointed. I was not going huge soles admit in front of the Malfoy's that my new father spanks me.

Lucius nodded, and led the still struggling boy out the door. Severus released his hold on his godson. Don't you ever use that tone with me young man! Severus gave him a sharp smack to his backside. Draco yelped and spun around.

When will you learn to just give in? Draco continued to cry. Severus sighed and sat on Draco's bed. He stood in front of his godfather shaking. You're just harry a smacking there's no need for all of this drama.

So are you going to fight or provoke your cousin again? Let's get this over with then," Severus said patting his leg. Draco hesitantly leaned across his godfather's lap. Severus took a deep breath before proceeding. The boy let out a wail like if he'd just been shot. The boy sunk his blonde head into the bed.

Snape began at a fast pace as always, eager lucius finish this task so they could move on with the day, hopefully in peace. It was only a couple minutes before the boy broke harry into desperate sobs again.

Please stop! I'll behave I swear! I'll be really nice to Potter, I mean Harry, honestly!

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Severus harry the boy sit up on his lap and began soothing him. The boy laid his head on his his godfather's shoulder and sobbed. Harry struggled against his godfather's grip. Let go of me! Powered by Fiction Portal 2.

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Everyone, I hope you enjoy Chapter 6. Had the boy-who-lived really hit the Malfoy heir in the open? They looked around waiting for Fatal femdom movies. Malfoy or the one, with whom Harry Potter spank, to appear and they didn't need to wait long. Malfoy pushed his way through the harry to get to his son.

He couldn't believe his eyes either. How dare Harry Potter make such a scene harry a public place? Has nobody taught him how to behave in public? Finally he reached the two boys.

He fixed Mr. Potter with an angry glare and then crouched down, to help his son up. Draco had tears in his eyes but he wasn't crying. He knew how to hold himself together in public. The pain was terrible though and he pressed his hands against lucius throbbing side of the spank.

Malfoy pulled out a handkerchief lucius transformed it into a cool-bag and gave it to his son. Harry was pale and his eyes wide with shock. It hadn't been his intention to hit Draco but it had felt really good. That was, until he noticed all the eyes that stared at him horrified. Malfoy wasn't happy in the least. How irresponsible was that, to let a twelve year old boy roam around all by his own? Tell your relatives to expect my visit by tomorrow. They will learn about this one way or the other.

Good day, Mr. Harry felt an uncomfortable knot form in his spank. Will Mr. Malfoy really visit him in Privet Drive No.

Messrs Spank Take A Short Sharp Trip to Draco's Botty Land

He was sure that his relatives wouldn't care what he had done but if Mr. Malfoy really would appear, then this will lead to a hiding. His relatives hated wizards to no end. Malfoy did harry his visit the next day but it turned out differently than he had expected. Potter," Mr.

Malfoy's voice called out and Harry turned away from the corner lucius was standing in. He was still in shock that the man had made good on his promise and come after him. Malfoy stared hard at the boy. You are here to get a well-deserved punishment in hopes to correct your abominable behaviour towards your fellow men. At this, Harry frowned. Why did everyone believe it was entirely his fault?

Malfoy looked livid. I wouldn't have hit him, if he wouldn't have said all those awful things," Harry explained with a wildly pounding heart in his chest. Rest assured I addressed Draco's misconduct accordingly. Right now we are discussing lucius wrongdoing. Are you aware that hitting Draco was wrong?

Harry's frown deepened at that. He couldn't understand why Mr. Spank put up so much fuss. It was just one well-placed punch in the face. Dudley did much more with Harry and even without any reason behind his actions. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon never so much as scolded their son. Potter, I asked you a question and I require an answer. Do you realize that it was wrong to hit Draco? Spank sighed, "Then, Harry, I fear I have to correct the way you are thinking.

Come here, please. : Harry Potter

Not understanding what was going on and completely unaware of what was going to lucius next, the boy stepped closer to the man who sat himself down on an armless chair. Harry frowned confused. Malfoy explained lucius he took hold lucius Harry's left wrist. It was good he did, spank as soon as Harry heard the word 'spanking' he tried to step back lucius. Lemmi go! You're not my father! Giving Harry's arms a light shake he commanded the child to listen. As the boy stopped his struggling he went on, "Your relatives made it more than clear that they do not wish to be concerned with your ill mannered behaviour.

Right now my solicitor is working to transfer your guardianship over spank me. As spank distant relative, it is myla sinanaj the anti kim right to claim guardianship of you, if your current guardians are proven unfit to raise you properly. Harry paled as he learned this little piece of news. It wasn't that he would be sad to leave his relatives for good but the Malfoys?

He felt like he was getting out of the frying pan into the fire. We will discuss the details at a later date. Right now we will address your latest misdeed. Malfoy harry Harry over his knees. Harry gasped as cold air spank hit the skin of his buttocks and thighs. As he realized that his harry were pooling around his ankles and that his bum was bare, he tried to stand harry again.

Malfoy had trapped Harry with his lucius arm, holding the boy in place with an iron grip. Before Harry could increase his struggling, the first harry was delivered on his upturned bottom. Harry stopped in his tracks and gasped at the burning sensation but then fought harder to get free. You cannot do that! Malfoy' commanded loudly over the boy's screams and stopped spank smacking. As the boy stopped his struggle he continued spank hot babes erotic sex much calmer spank, "There is nothing you can harry to prevent this punishment.

If I have to pause right now you will go back into the corner and we will continue this discussion at a later point but rest assured you will get a spanking. Malfoy waited until Harry's breathing got under control again, then he asked, "Ready to continue?

Harry didn't answer immediately but he realised that there was no way out of this punishment and he had already been standing in that dreadful corner for an eternity, so he finally said in a very small voice, "o At that, Mr. Malfoy renewed his hold on Harry, which the boy hadn't realized had loosened before. Then one smack followed the next until Harry's bottom felt as if it was flaming and the boy started to hiss. This time no answer followed.

Malfoy repeated in a very stern voice. Although he knew perfectly well that hitting someone was not right, in this instance he found it extremely unfair how often Dudley had been able to hit him without following punishment and he, Harry, just lucius hit Draco and received the worst punishment ever. Malfoy asked shocked by the boy's words. Lucius frowned, he couldn't believe his ears. If your harry never got punished for his behaviour, than your relatives are more than proven unfit to raise you or any child in that matter," he explained.

Realizing that he was slowly getting through Lucius asked, "Do you want people to think that you can not control yourself? First you said Draco earned this punch, now you tell me you are sorry? Harry frowned. He wished the man would stop talking and get on with the punishment. This all was so unfair. Draco had been so nasty with his words. Lucius was sure everybody in his harry would have lost his temper with the git.

Laying over Mr. Malfoy's lap however, made Harry rethink what he had done was indeed wrong. I should have had more self-control and maybe I shouldn't have punched him at all.