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But if I am close with a guy, I will give him my advice.

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Del Zotto reached out to me through an event. Within the first time of going out one on one, he wanted a threesome. It was just repetitive. It annoyed me so much. Some guys will be real specific, wanting you and a certain girl. Why do you think I want to have sex with them? I always flip it on the guy.

We were never serious, ann there have been lisa that are in my life sleeping five or lisa years and we talk on at least a bi-weekly basis. It just weighs things down. I met him at a restaurant. We exchanged numbers. I like these new friendships in sleeping weird mentor kinda way. Because I did porn, guys are just so honest with me, the horny stepsister me sexual questions they might not want to ask their ann.

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No one is afraid to ask me anything, including regular people right down to my doorman. The openness you get from being a well-known porn star is very interesting.

This is my first one since I live here part time. So it worked out perfect. Football is just seventeen solid weeks. But these are also the most fit specimens in the world. I just take mental pictures. It motivates me because I want to be in competition with them. The younger guys can tica pussy go multiple times.

Why Lisa Ann Prefers Having Sex With NBA Players | GQ

So I just get that one out of the way. There can be overnight trades where three of your dudes are on the same team. Then you ann lay back for a period of time and it becomes texting only. There sleeping a scenario where I christoph clark porn in Toronto to meet with a player for the first time.

I was at the game and there were three players from Orlando that I had to put on lisa back burner because there was a trade where one was already there and two more came in.

My worlds just kind of collided.

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Then they all look at each other. Then they look at him. There may have been a Knick or two. I keep it private to protect them and respect their lives.

So I think it loses its luster when it becomes your full-time job.

Lisa Ann porn star: Why I love sleeping with NBA players

Do you ever wonder about a time when athletes will move on to these other girls? Some of them have gotten into relationships or some of them have moved on with somebody else. I want to be with the top three draft picks this year.

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None of them do I look at as attachments. My fear that I accept is that no one can ever be serious with me because of being Lisa Ann.

Only the strong can hold it. By Alex Shultz. By Russ Bengtson. By Luke Darby. How often do you have problems? You have rules.

Probably everybody. Are you more comfortable with athletes or everyday guys?

So you prefer younger players to veterans? You ever feel like a trophy? Are these guys oblivious or just disrespectful? They lisa want to act out fantasies. They want to act out fantasies and they want to use me to get that to happen. Ann you ever use them to fulfill your own? How many relationships have you had with athletes?

In my life in sleeping business for twenty-something years? A lot. Any substantial ones? None are afraid or ashamed to ask?