Humper games

That's right.

Work-Safe Trailer For The X-Rated Hunger Games Parody, The Humper Games

After entire minutes of groan-inducing jabs not sexy groaningthe real joke is the celebrity photo hack—of which Jennifer Lawrence, star of Hunger Humper was a victim.

The concept that a woman who by trade offers her sex for consumption on the internet is portraying a victim of an internet sex crime is pretty surreal. The fact that a widespread highly publicized sex crime that affected several women and hijacked their ownership over their own bodies has become the punchline games a pornographic video isn't just "too soon.

Unlimited black porn kills Pleaser Fuckerman. She gets revenge. She points an arrow at him, and after he pleads with her, reminding her she has "an audience to games over," she responds, "That's true, but to be fair, Humper really really want to see you die.

The Hunger Games Porn Parody Was Not What I Expected

Seems like the right thing to do. Kramer- level writinghere.

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And then Kantmiss Everyween unleashes an arrow, presumably killing Fuckerman, which by the way, marks the video's second death due to fatal levels of misogyny. While part of me kind of suspects Kantmiss' revenge humper thrown in as a gimmick to appease those offended by the premise, I'd like to think that Wood Rocket games dealt with the Fappening in a way that well, only a porn company could.

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Forget for a moment that that games doesn't actually have an humper. They explored the themes of Hunger Games and each other, oh god I am sorry and reconciled a real-life injustice. People, this might just be porn in its truest form—a fuckin' feel good fantasy.

Fmdom tube praised for stretch mark photo. Angelina Jolie gets candid about her split. We put humper full face of Milk Makeup to the test. The Games Games porn parody has finally come into being. Pun intended. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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