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Removing the oxide layer on the solder pad using an eraser pencil Cleaning the solder pad to remove eraser residue and other dirt with RMS Pre-tinning of the solder pads Pre-tinning of the wire Soldering the wire to the solder pad.

Chisel-shaped soldering tip.

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Rounded, angled soldering tip. Rounded, broad soldering tip; high heat capacity. Spiky soldering tip; inappropriate because of low heat capacity. There are a lot of different things to consider when soldering a wire with an electrical strain gauge, such as the solder tip geometry.

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They must have a suitable thermal capacitywhich means that narrow, or spiked, soldering tips are typically unsuitable. Chisel-shaped, rounded, or broader soldering tips are better-suited to lead-free strain gauge soldering.

Additionally to ensure a correct processing of the solder the temperature of the soldering tip needs to be in a specified range. Level indicator, credit loan scoring manometers vector set. Indicators with different indicators. With metal frame. Temperature thermometers with percentages scale.

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Decibel power level. A volume unit - VU meter left and right. Device displaying a representation of the signal level in audio equipment. AdBlue fuel gauge in truck dashboard - empty. Meter and gauge element.

Vector realistic illustration. Industrial meter object. Shells for hunting rifle close up.

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Isolated easy to edit vector on black background. Get Started Documentation. Create readable and maintainable tests Gauge tests are in Markdown which makes writing and maintaining tests easier. Javascript C Java Python Ruby.

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Extend with plugins Gauge has a robust plugin architecture and plugin ecosystem. Manage your data sets better Gauge supports data-driven testing.

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We have created a template containing our recommended bobbin tension settings that is applicable for all longarm machines. Home machines typically don't need as much bobbin tension adjustments as longarm machines. The TOWA bobbin gauge works by measuring the resistance of the bobbin thread coming out of the bobbin case against a series of pulleys. Bobbin tension can be increased or decreased by turning the small screw on the bobbin case in videos movements.

By associating a numerical value for bobbin tension, it is easy to free the bobbin tension in with each new bobbin or gauge swapping top threads. Using the TOWA bobbin gauge in your longarm quilting routine will save you time and help you start each quilt with proper bobbin tension.