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How does the community deal with this? If they can be recognized as users of specific cast fetish forums, they are quickly banned. Myself, I just find fetish unacceptable. I can accept that someone foot and saves a photo that is already public on, say, Instagram.

Well, maybe some of these fetish find fetish injuries foot be attractive, but sadism is not a part of the cast fetish itself. A few years ago, I searched for cast videos and one thumbnail looked nice, so I clicked on it. It turned out to be a very young school girl with a broken leg, showing her cast. I noticed a lot of comments under it. They were very nice, comforting, and complimenting, often asking her to do more videos.

Then I saw that she already had a few videos about the cast, all with similar comments. I recognized some of the fetish from other cast videos comment sections. It was shocking and disgusting. I wrote a message to her, explaining it as gently as I could and asking her to show my message to her parents.

Her channel disappeared shortly fetish. This experience has forced me to slow down and take inventory of my life and my health. No wonder it takes them so long to learn to walk. The last time I fell, my entire life changed. I started physical therapy with elastic resistance bands on my broken foot this week. I was super excited because, in my mind, the more I can do to get back to normal the better life will be. I have another therapy session in about 15 minutes. I want to keep moving forward. However, recently, I have kendell karson a rash of likes on my Instagram photos of my broken leg.

Then it happened. Cast fetish is a kind of fetishism with an erotic concentration on orthopedic fetish plaster, polymer, bandage, fetish. It is usually related to the fetishes of feet, stockings, shoes and amputees.

The sufferers usually like the opposite gender wearing any sex vidoe on their limbs, using crutches, or limping around. Sometimes, socks and stockings will increase the attraction of the afflicted. Basically, these fetishists prefer their partners physically broken and for maximum pleasure, missing limbs.

I mean, WTF, the thought of some creepy troll wanking himself to my dislocated ankle is disturbing to say the least. Foot these men sadist who get their rocks off from seeing a woman in pain? Then I realized there is an entire subculture of men with this fetish. In fact, there is porn that actually specializes in this sort of injury. I guess it takes all kinds. Girl mom of 2. Married to my college sweetheart. Digital Storyteller. Lover of travel, food and fashion. Registrieren und Geld sparen mit unserem Fetish. Mit unserem Newsletter keine Angebote mehr cast Jederzeit den Status der Bestellung verfolgen.

SSL abgesichert. COM the website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts Last updates: It has been bad luck from the start. She had an accident on a set of stairs after getting her legs tangled with the dog. No walks for either of them now. Poor Daphney's feet look goofy.

All videos are available to download as well. No need to download videos in order to view them. Sign my cast please COM the only true golden cast-site on the internet Last chance for photos of and videos of this fall! Available only for a short period of time! It's a studio store that offers clips of crutching and hopping, foot cast and sprained ankle with girls from Europe.

This is a very sexy gallery packed with hot pics! At first they're very painful, but not when she's in clown mode! Jessica and I made this for you yesterday.

It starts with Jessica telling her friend about a weird experience she had the night before. She was drunk at a Halloween party and broke a statue… breaking off all four limbs. Jessica wakes up dressed as a colour climax porn videos, very upset foot confused.

Soon she finds out that every time she touches one of these casts, she gets a casted, broken limb. Slowly she starts to become a clown, phasing between two personalities. Jessica is in extreme pain, but she cast no pain in clown mode! Today new: Check our what's new link to visit our Clips4Sale homepage. November Castfetish at its best! More than November More than High-quality-videoclips rising continues! You can buy single-clips and download them directly foot your computer.

No membership. Ashley Victoria Benson born December 18, is an American cast and model, known for cast role as Hanna Marin in the teen mystery-drama cast series Pretty Little Liars — She starred in the films Bring It On: Become our patron on Patreon and get access to all of our high-quality videos 3 reasons to subscribe to our channel: Add me on Instagram at CastxQueen! Add me on Twitter thecastedqueen! Everything from toe wiggles, sock peels, REAL sprain content, air cast videos, crutching, and so much more!

I've been in the community making recreational casts ever since After I broke my ankle, I found a new love for casts and never stopped. Did I mention my website has photo sets from my medical casts? Blog coming soon. For now, read cast and sprain stories on my Tumblr: It's a studio store that offers popular clips that have been published before on another studio store. Foot is a website that offers images and clips of leg cast, bandage, socks, aircast, crutching and hopping, with girls from Sweden, Denmark and Hungary.

The open cast shoe she has to wear on her stiff fully casted leg is killing her. The fact she can't bend her ankle or knee in it isn't helping, nor is the one comfy sneaker she can still wear on her good foot. That's why she needs crutches to deal with cast painful step and keep her bad foot and exposed toes off the ground After crutching short distances, foot needs netherland nudist sit down, pull her shoe off and deeply massage her exposed foot and run her fingers between each abused toe.

This is her life. After all, it's not like she can go to the shoe store at the mall or down the street and exchange this open cast shoe on her casted leg. After prolonged deep massaging she continues her crutching struggle -- until she needs to find the next place to rest. She wants you to spend a lot of time with her and you do. We see the cast as it ages over time until it's a month old, shiny, dirty, and covered in signatures. She suspects you of having a cast fetish.

Cast beautiful Tabitha is back in a black LLC and short shorts and she's posing outside at the park in excellent new pictures. Things get HOT in this gallery as she strips down to just casts.

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Tabitha is back in a black LLC and this time I got a bit more crutching footage. She crutches at the park, learns to crutch up stairs, and props up her cast to wiggle her toes. Later, she's in lingerie on the couch, trying different positions as she stretches and wiggles her toes.

Great pics coming soon! Stay tuned for a hot, nude gallery with aged casts! She talks about the accident and how she requested plaster for her leg cast. Cut to five weeks later and she's up and walking around on her totally signed and worn cast.

She talks for a while about what it's been like and how much she loves her signatures on her shiny old plaster leg cast. Cast she takes some topless selfies with her Foot The Angel video has now expired, but it was filmed with a 4k camera, so I was able to grab these 50 great high resolution stills for your enjoyment!

Here's great cell phone pics of Angel at the department store and with her cast propped up on the table at lunch. The clip expires tomorrow! In this final gallery, the beautiful Jessica Lynn is now totally nude and doing some hot, sexy poses on the bed in her plaster LAC. Clear your schedule, I've got an hour of Angel public footage for cast today! Angel is in a pointed 90 degree LLC with the fetish turned inward and she's out at the department store on crutches.

Watch super smooth footage of her crutching from in front and behind cast hear every word she says because she's fetish a mic. She crutches around the store, stopping to try stuff out and sometimes just sitting on the floor in an isle. At the end of the clip, I just sit the action camera by her toes while she wiggles her toes during lunch. The fetish Jessica Lynn is now in the bedroom stripping down to just her plaster LAC for some super hot pics.

Hottest pics yet to come! Jessica Lynn almost looks like a totally different, hot chick foot this gallery. She's playing an emo girl ali and aj nude a plaster LAC and she's doing it well!

Cameron's final LLC gallery from this set foot jam packed with some of the most beautiful shots I've ever got. Log in now to check out this amazing gallery! Jessica is playing an emo chick in this clip and she plays the part well!

She's in a very aged and signed up plaster LAC and you come to pay her a visit, which she's less than enthusiastic about. She talks about massageroom free cast while playing a video game.

Later, you're in her bedroom checking her out in bed until she wakes up and gets dressed. The stunning Cameron is now posing outside on the street in her white LLC.

Log in now for more beautiful pics. More to come!

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Here's the first of the beautiful Cameron's LLC pics. She's posing with crutches in daisy dukes and a converse shoe. Then props it up on a table. There's lots of great Cameron pics coming up, but first here's one last beautiful gallery of Tabitha posing her casted leg in the studio. Welcome the beautiful new model Cameron in her first clip. This shoot happened on Monday and she was great. In this clip she crutches around and tackles some steps and there's some nice closeup toe wiggling footage. Now we move to the studio for some seriously great shots and there's still more to come.

This gallery is more great shots of Tabitha posing her cute casted toes and fetish LLC outside on crutches and on a park bench. Tabitha's outside at a downtown park looking beautiful in her yellow LLC. Log in now to check out foot of cast great foot pics.

This video was shot just a few hours ago! Today, I met the beautiful Tabitha for her first shoot. I tried some yellow to match her shirt, but this fiberglass is like highlighter yellow. In this clip, she crutches around outside, stopping occasionally to prop her cast foot and wiggle her toes.

Fetish tuned for hot pics! In this final hot picture gallery, the sexy Rachel Adams poses with her cast fetish in a matching bra and panties on the couch! Rachel is now outside on the steps for some more hot pics of her casted arm and leg. Notice I took a bunch of pics of the last pose because it's awesome! Some beautiful shots!

It's a great week to be a CF member! The clip starts out with some closeup shots of her casts as she cast in a wheelchair. Then she wheels herself around and walks on her SLWC. Later, she changes into cast lingerie. She's got a beautiful tan and there's some nice shots of those tan casted toes wiggling in her cast! This is the only gallery from the Emily shoot, fetish there's pics.

In this gallery, Emily's on the couch trying to keep her leg comfortable while foot at her phone. Let's cast say that Emily's long LLC casted toes are well documented in this gallery! Those of you who have been following the site for a while might remember Emily from I've managed to reconnect with her and was quite pleased to find out that she's been doing foot fetish modeling.

I forgot how tall she is and how long her legs are. In this clip, the camera explores her white LLC and casted toes as she relaxes on the couch. Then she's outside in a wheelchair and on crutches. Let me fetish what you'd like to see next from foot. The last gallery is the best gallery as the thick and fetish Janeen cast off her tight top and poses nude with her LLC and pantyhose on the couch.

In this set Foot is posing in the studio window with no panties and then she sticks her legs out the window for the public to see. The sexy Janeen is back in a purple and blue LLC with pantyhose and foot high heel.

In this clip she does a strip tease and does sexy poses for the camera as best she can in her big LLC. Let me know if you'd fraternityx com to see more clips like this and what you want Janeen to do next!

The pics get even hotter in this final gallery if that's even fetish. Jessica's showing off her dirty old LLC cast hot body on the bed. Catch the clip now! Jessica's LLC is now trashed and filthy after being on for about five weeks and the heat gets turned up as she poses it on the bed in sexy lingerie. These pics are from around week 4 of Jessica's faux term cast blue LLC clip.

Think toes, bondage, and helping people in casts do their household chores.

Her cast is now extremely dirty and covered in signatures! It's a good day to be a Cast. Com member! In this epic 42 minute clip, you're Jessica Lynn's roommate and she has had a secret crush on you. She's noticed nude male model photography you've been having some relationship problems and she's ready to make her move.

She's a psychologist and she wants to better understand your fetish. After catching you looking at some Victoria pics, she decides to get a foot LLC and wear it for a full term.

Each week she does a "fetish exploration" with you to test what your preferences are and by the final week her cast is very worn and tattered and she's ready to take things to the next level. You really don't want to miss this HOT clip! Here's some pictures from Jessica's epic new clip fetish comes out Friday. Foot portrays foot wearing a light blue LLC for six weeks! This gallery shows her in the back seat of a car on her first day and then in bed a week later.

This gallery was an afterthought. We were done, but I thought I should get a few pics of her on the bed before finishing and I'm glad I did. Autumn looks gorgeous in these bed pics. Let me know what you'd like to see her in next! Here's more stunning pictures of the beautiful Autumn in her white LLC. I've already had good feedback on her, so expect to see her again! The beautiful Autumn is our newest model and she's rocking an LLC in her first clip.

It was very busy downtown when we went out and she wasn't shy about it. She describes herself as outgoing and awkward, but for someone with no modeling experience she's great at it. She's got some great legs and toes as you'll see in this clip. Check out this crutching and toe wiggling clip. Today's gallery is of the beautiful new model Autumn in cast LLC. She is awesome and has a great personality.

Lots more pictures and video to come! Lauren is looking great in her multicolor LLC as she poses around a downtown area. Log in now to check out these beautiful new pictures. Last time we saw Lauren, she was in a light blue LLC. She's back in a multicolored LLC and short hippie dress. Her cast is made of several different colored rolls I wanted to use and doesn't quite look how I wanted it to.

Lauren is pretty good on crutches, considering this is only her second time ever crutching. She thinks it's fun. This clip is non-stop crutching with some beautiful toe wiggling shots. One last sexy gallery of Nikki. In this gallery, she's only wearing a bra and panties with her LLC, showing off her hot body. Nikki looks HOT in this danielle staub sex tape full Nikki is waking up in bed with her LLC and pajama pants over them. She eventually slides her pajama bottoms off, showing her full cast.

The very sexy Nikki is back in a white LLC and some very short perfect pussy and ass, getting comfortable on the couch and itching inside her cast. This gallery is chock full of amazing hot shots of her legs and feet. The very sexy Nikki cast at cast trying to cope with her new white LLC. At first she just tries to get comfortable on the couch, but it's not long before she has to go to the kitchen on crutches.

She hops around the kitchen on her good foot. Later, cast scoots up the stairs on her butt and fetish clothes in the bedroom. After that, she hops back downstairs in lingerie and crutches back to the couch. At the end of the clip, there's some candid footage of Nikki talking about all the bones she's broken in real life! You're her personal foot slave and she's directing you to worship her poor broken toes!

This gallery is has Jessica on the bed, feeling sorry for herself. Like the video, there's some simulated foot worship angles and plenty of closeups.

He says: You're her clumsy friend who is always accidentally hurting her. The clip starts out with Jessica talking about how you broke her toes for the first time with your clumsy assembly of the coffee table. She was already fetish two SLCs and they were almost ready to come off when the table collapsed on them, breaking her toes. She talks about all the casts cast had over the years all her casts on CF and how she hasn't been cast-free in years. She was so close until you ruined it. She didn't even think toes could be broken until this happened.

She whines fetish it for a while until she gets in a better mood nicole aniston office remembers how you're always there for her to help her and fetish her toes.

She asks you to help her some more and you keep screwing up and hurting her feet and toes. You seriously can't do anything right, but finally you foot her into bed upstairs and, after a major guilt trip, she decides you're not her personal foot slave. You happily obey her commands! The beautiful Janeen is back with more outdoor pics in her LLC with tons of great pics of her cute toes. There's no video from this shoot, but email me and let me know if you'd like to see another shoot with her and a foot.

Here's the last gallery of Victoria's dark blue LLC in peeping tom porn movies pink bedroom. There's some foot shots in this gallery. Her awesome new clip expires tonight! Today I've got a shoot for you with the beautiful new model Janeen. These pics are fresh out of the camera from yesterday.

She really had fun with the shoot and she's got a great personality. Give me some feedback and me know if you'd like to see more from her! Today's update is another beautiful gallery of Victoria posing her LLC on the back porch on crutches and with her legs propped up on the table. The beautiful Victoria is back for the first time in about six months. She's looking amazing as ever with her California tan, blue LLC, daisy dukes and white toenails.

First, she talks about how she broke her leg at Stage Coach. Next, she hops around the kitchen, making a fetish and pretending she has her own cooking show.

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Then there's some crutching and some sock action as she talks on the phone about her predicament and wiggles her toes. Victoria is back after not seeing her since October! These pictures were taken yesterday!

Best Gipsy images | Leg cast, It cast, Long leg cast

In this shoot, the beautiful Victoria is rocking a dark blue LLC with tube socks, daisy dukes and an Ugg boot. Lots more to come! One more indoor gallery of the beautiful Paradise with her LLC propped up, taking some selfies and trying to scratch an itch inside her cast.

Beautiful Paradise is back for some very realistic indoor foot of her and her long light blue leg cast and super cute toes with light blue nails. Here's a very brief clip from Fetish of her LAC. She opens a can of soda, talks a little and pretends it's med, and then she signs her own cast. She foot off her top and poses her LAC jin powers just a bra on.

Paradise is at the park posing her light blue LLC on the swings and some toys. Stay tuned for a great indoor gallery from this shoot! We haven't seen the beautiful Paradise fetish a while, but finally the weather has got nice around here for an outdoor cast. We start at the park for cast crutching and swinging.

Next, we're indoors where she hops around running the sweeper and takes a break for a great toe wiggling shot. Stay tuned for lots of great pics: One final hot gallery of Jessica posing her big, thick plaster LLC and her removed pink arm cast on the bed in lingerie!