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Sherbrooke means more responses to your ads! We also have Montreal escorts, Montreal massage parlors, and Montreal erotic massage reviews which further helps users learn more about the various services quebec so they can make the right choice when choosing an escort. JaysXlist is the merb growing online classifies for all adult services in Montreal and can connect you with everything to do with Montreal escort services. This website contains nudity and is intended for persons over the age of A person entering this website must agree to the following:.

No news. In Buenos Aires, I once had an agency send me a lady who was one of the ten best of my life one night, and the next night they sent a trash girl who was one of the ten worst experiences I have ever had.

That just doesn't happen with a good agency in Montreal. The lonely boys club is back on the montreal board to brag about their sexual prowess once again LOL. The girls they enlisted though Meghan, Scarlett, Elaine, and Catherine are great. Can't go wrong with them. I've only read two negative reviews for Meghan High-fives all around.

You do have to wonder with these boys if their reality has crossed deeply into this fantasy world. This makes me recall a Montreal thread about how the girls feel about things.

A poster wrote that agency girls, who see several clients in a work day, get exhausted by the clients who whip out the toys or excessive digiting all in an effort to try to get the girls off and get a squirter to squirt. This is not an editorial on toys, digits, etc but rather the idea that some of the guys merb just there to get themselves off.

They want to treat the girl's merb like an amusement park. Thanks for that one Mrs. If I was a chick and my sixth client of the day started rubbing or toying my clit furiously, I would fake an orgasm to get it over too.

I'm sure I'm not looking in the right places, but I sexy asian angels find her reviews on the green board. Anyone have any feed back? Quebec good description? Quebec few of the guys on this thread have mentioned her. Thanks in advance. I am a boob oriented escorts. When a girl reports a certain cup size, I expect that cup size!! SmulerHaha, your rival posted a snarky remark today in response to you thanking an honest review and just like that it was deleted.

The lonely boys club is back on the montreal board to brag about their sexual prowess once again LOLAnd one topless oil massage them stated that it was a great " Campfire Story " I am sure the Brokeback Mountain version wasn't reported on LOL.

This was posted a couple of days ago on the local Montreal board. Euphoria and Mike's Mansion are collaborating on incalls. A great number of ISG questions regarding Montreal is how the incall process works and approximately where the incalls are located. But, please, if you do incall, do not post the exact incall address. Sherbrooke simply puts everyone at risk and could ruin incall in escorts future for everyone, including yourself.

Anyway, here is the useful post: Hello Merbites and thank you for taking a few minutes to read the following post! In order to best serve and make your date as memorable as possible, we would like to share some tips on how together, we can most efficiently and sherbrooke book you with the lady of your choice. The Partnership: Mike's Mansion and Escorts are established and well known agencies in the city that are now working together. Now with our combined powers we can offer you the best of both worlds everyday from 10 am to 3 am!

When booking through either agency, on any new indian movies porn day, you will be dealing with either James, Gino or myself for both brands.

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We believe following these suggestions will greatly benefit all parties sex tube aunty. Our goal is to make every rendezvous as fast, easy to book and pleasurable as possible. Be specific when sherbrooke for a date. Calls are answered immediately and booking is on the spot with no delay. Highly recommended! Our incalls are in Griffintown around Peel and Notredame west with parking on the streets or payed parking in the public lots recommended.

They are all within a a quebec minutes from each other so any change of location is easily adjusted for you. Clean, discreet and upscale condos. Text or call this is the best way to book. Every Sunday we receive a preliminary line-up of who's in with more additions during the course of the week.

For Euphoria it is on a day to day basis for the time being. The next day's roster is b cup beauties up on merb. CC and our site euphoriagirls. Both sites have a direct "who's on today" link which is updated daily. With quebec or additions done on the spot as well. On Mike's site the "extras" are listed on every profile. For Euphoria call us and ask since the site is currently being updated to provide that info. Please take a minute to check that out when booking.

It saves a lot of time for all involved. A guideline for us to better serve you. Thank you for your time in this matter gentlemen as we look forward to a memorable with you all. Haha, your rival posted a snarky remark today in response to you thanking an honest review and just like that it was deleted. And last night he was annoyed at a question about the "orgy", posted by a senior member. This morning, he took it down LOL. I thought it interesting that quebec mention was made of the price paid. Just one idiot posting "I think of it as getting to have sex with 4 beautifull ladies for the same price as one ".

I don't know what's more annoying. These 2 pretty 4 porn or Boring Midget Lawyers Mini parties which he constantly brings up merb time he can. One more thing- in the review thread of Meghan, the guy merb supposedly " took his ball and went sherbrooke "posted that he took pictures of the girls. I am escorts that we all have girl pictures, but this is the sherbrooke time that I can recall an idiot boasting about it on a public board.

I was wondering what this whole "orgy" package cost. That's quebec an important detail. If they are such great buddies with the girls that it's the basic escorts rate per girl, good for merb. I actually took Pat's comments to be a subtle dig that could be taken several different ways.

Humorous, yes. It's a hard read when there are references to themselves as hunks, enjoyable and handsome dudes and their great sexual performance. I haven't come across that kind of self-aggrandizement very often in many years of forum participation.

In all fairness, it is a great post and I would rather have them sharing than not. Of course, you need to be careful selecting an XO girl or any other girl based solely on their posts. As far as arranging a party like this, I believe anyone can arrange a great party with several agencies. As Pat said "so all in all. It's a matter of money? Hey gents, Why you fussing so much over the other forum! Take it easy!! You are experienced and can smell out the BS from a distance merb why fill this board with their BS.

I have used that board for 16 years and have seen many many agencies, shills and captain-save-a-ho come and go. Its the same old boring crap. Has anyone tried that "unicorns" agency? Their website sucks.

You have to sometimes close some unintended pop-ups to get back to the page you want. Hopefully the direct links I just posted will let everyone get to the best reviewed ladies, and Jasmine has said she is working on the website. These two ladies have extensive Twitter accounts with very detailed pictures. Betty Vicious doesn't have nearly as many reviews as Sonia who was escort of the year last escorts on the local board or Hannah, but the reviews she has on the local board lisa lipps blowjob excellent and I believe to be trustable.

Sherbrooke I linked to her, also. None of the ladies at the Unicorns have bad reviews that I can find, it is just that these three have the most favorable reviews that I could find. Although I should mention that Escorts Sparles does gave a lot of excellent reviews. She is not as much my body type, and many of those reviews are from newer reviewers, so I didn't link to her profile.

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So from a perspective of listing the highest reviewed ladies from the various agencies, escorts would be the ones currently at the Unicorns. The three ladies I have seen while at the Unicorns have been absolutely fantastic Jasmine herself, before she decided to focus on running the agency rather than doing sessionsand April Rose and Bianca before they decided to just do sessions at Mike's Mansion instead of dividing their time between the Unicorns and Mike's Mansion.

The ladies I have seen did exactly what they advertised, and you can see from the linked pages exactly what they advertise. The other good cities to find fetish activities are Prague and Madrid, but honestly the Unicorns agency makes it easier to get what you want in Montreal than in Prague or Madrid, and Montreal is way, way less expensive than London or New York City for a fetish friendly escort who does true GFE during a session even though the Unicorn summer brielle porn pics are more expensive than other Montreal escorts.

Anyway, it puts Montreal on an exclusive world quebec if you are interested in what they advertise, and I think anyone who likes non-vanilla stuff as part of an escort GFE experience would love the Unicorn ladies. What happens on that board becomes important when for instance what happened yesterday takes place. It went almost unnoticed, but in the most recent review for YaraXO, it was revealed that there are cameras escorts all the apartments for the girls safety.

If one had read the comment soon enough after it was posted, you would have seen this. I thought it was a significant revelation.

And chinese in pantyhose note. Wondering if the comment sherbrooke stay.

I looked this morning, and noticed that the sentence was quietly removed everything else stayed intact from the post. Cameras recording things in every room is something a fella might want to know about. I looked this morning, and noticed that the sentence was quietly removed everything else stayed intact from the postPosting on ISG allows the real truth to be discussed, rather than covered up by "behind the scenes " moderation.

Alina long know this is a shot in a dark but, can anyone recommend a good Asian outcall? The ones I have come across haven't been to appealing.

Thank you for the feedback in advance! Posting on Cut girl porn allows the real truth to be discussed, rather than covered up by "behind the scenes " moderation. A second example this week. In the thread for a new girl, Marina at Euphoria, someone gave her face a 6 rating in an otherwise positive review. The face comment has since disappeared. A person reading through the thus thread will often sherbrooke the name Daryn. She is a truly fantastic provider with the best really large breasts you will ever find and a killer BBBJ.

If Logan is working on a given day, you should definitely book her if you like friendly, merb busty girls. She is an open-minded spectacular performer. Although her reviews are not as good as Logan's pages of reviews, a lot of the guys who have seen Ruby of VelvetLoveMtl have really liked her. She is one of Montreal's few Eastern European providers. So her facial looks take some getting used to for guys not accustomed to the Romanian look. She is also a little bit shy at first according to the reviews, but it seems that she warms up quickly as the session goes on.

So Ruby is another one to escorts, if Logan is not available, and if you like Eastern Europeans. And Monger, to answer your question, Montreal is very weak on Asians in general and on Asian outcalls specifically. Forget about Asians in Montreal. Focus on the great recommendations you have received. Quebec you are probably aware, I unabashedly try to follow a philosophy of "Post and Let Post". I have found the Montreal ISG Board has heated up recently and provided a lot of useful contrasting information away from the peer influence of the local merb.

British facesitting the most part, the discussion has been civil and interactive. To bore you more with an example, some people were discussing where to convert money in Rio under "General Info". One poster jumped in trying to basically chase them merb that board claiming the guys in the discussions were cheap asses and posts should be focused on the girls. Now how the fuck do the self-proclaimed "board quebec get the balls to show up and criticize a post made in "General Info".

I know, I know your Bizzie. I'm sorry it's a joke. I couldn't resist the pun. Especially if you are good looking you could become the unwitting participant in a porno movie. I wanted to build on what Monger 88 said. I tried the Montreal Asian Experience the Summer of Thank God it was an incall. Some Asian girl with Acne opened the door and led me in.

There was someone else in the same apartment in another room and she was trying to lead me to a spot sherbrooke I wouldn't see this person. She was acting really strange and could barely speak a word of English.

Adults only!

She didn't look anything like her shopped photos. The girl was exactly like her photos down to the outfit. BTW - info about places to change money is my 2 question after where to go for escorts girls. Just call Melanie. She will hook you up. So her facial looks take some getting used to for guys not accustomed to the Romanian look. Logan from her pics really isn't my type.

Quebec Ruby is! She's now in the TDL. Good to know. That's why I am not doing any in calls. So Ruby is another one to consider, if Logan is not available, and if you like Eastern EuropeansRuby used to work at Euphoria. Best Regards Smuler. Time to kill two birds with one stone. Monger wanted that 70s show xxx parody Asian for himself or one of his friends. I knew I had read good reviews of an outcall Asian.

They were of Maelie of Xxxtase. Lots of good GFE reviews of her. The link says another lady's name in the title. But it is Maelie escorts you open the link. They are a good agency that once had a legion of young black-haired spinners. But they now have a bunch of lightly sherbrooke new girls, and hopefully those new ladies will be great. But I was hoping to mention a well-reviewed girl to put on the list. And Maelie fits the bill, plus it adds an Asian. So folks we now have listed well reviewed and highly-recommended ladies from the following agencies in Montreal in no particular order.

She wanted help for wicked work on me just for a few hours. Lori, whom she had met before, was not available. I then suggested Angel!. We lesbian beauty salon Angel and she was available that evening — YAY!. We explained to her what we were seeking and then we were on! When the time came…I was not disappointed!!!

I think that this session has been one escorts the best nights of my life. January and Angel hit it off immediately, We had an awesome time together…how could I not have a great time with two gorgeous angels having their way with me…I was turned into a boytoy for the rest of sherbrooke evening merb russian teen casting tube keep my two Mistresses pleased!

As I said, Angel is very quick to learn tricks…January shown her a few bondage tricks and some! We laughed a lot that night and we kept unforgettable memories from that encounter! She often anime thong porn to NY. April 1st, http: December 31, http: I think the key with this lady quebec to have the right expectations and have your mind right to appreciate all she can offer instead of what japanese video mom does not do.

It has been over hairy pit black women month since I saw her, but I find myself thinking about her. That is unusual for me so I will in fact repeat with her when I have the next chance.

Now that I now what to expect and what not to expect, I think I can focus myself on getting the most out of the session. It is more work to have a session with her because you have think about how you want it to play out.

She is rare to offer what she does and to look the way that she looks. She is attractive as SP that I have met in recent years. April 21, http: Opened the door to my hotel room and quebec instantly amazed at how beautiful she is. So, the first hour was very exciting she comes out dressed like I asked escorts a short skirt some glossy beige pantyhose and heels. Immediately tells me to get undressed and has me on the floor with a leash ordering me around. She then made me carefully remove her shoes and had me massage her pantyhosed feet, licking, sucking and humiliating me with her feet.

She then asked if I wanted to be relieved hand or mouth. I asked for mouth and she covered me up and gave an sherbrooke hot CBJ. I then asked permission from the Mistress to cum on her feet and she obliged…what a turn on! Round 2 was a nice CBJ with hand-job etc. I asked to wear another pair of pantyhose, some awesome shiny suntan pantyhose and had her model in sorts of positions. So, I took a 2 hour plunge with her, asking her for a special request, and she came through with flying colors.

It was simple. I wanted her to meet me at a specific street corner near my residence, very merb at night. Now, the corner was pretty remote with very little traffic, near train tracks, quasi-industrial area near public housing, with one street lamp giving it a dreamy feel. Very realistic sherbrooke scenario. She later told me how truly turned on she was by my freakiness!!!!!! We met at 1am. Apparently, her driver dropped her off and then moved a little further away as to be close to her but not close enough to ruin it for us.

Then I rolled up in my car and drove past her, then did a turn around at the dead-end. Angel looked so damn hot underneath the street lamp. My clothing requests were fully merb, from the open-toe high heels to the super tiny mini-skirt and the black stockings. She had lots of makeup, a big purse and her prostitute-like attitude… as requested.

I had sent her a full script beforehand and she followed it to a tee. I then pulled it out and while she stood outside of my car, she began a sexy HJ while my car was running in the middle of the street. Very very very hot…From afar, we saw headlights from another car, so after about escorts minute of this reach-in HJ, Escorts asked her to hop in, which she did. She reached over and began a soaking wet HJ full of her saliva. I was gonna blow my load easily 5 times right there….

I love her HJ!!!! I then stepped out and went over the passenger door and opened it. While sherbrooke was still sitting inside, I stuck my pipe in, and she continued her HJ, the whole while spitting on my pipe!! The whole time I was staring around tomake sure no one would interrupt us, and whenever I would look down, I would just see her long black stockinged merb. This girl has slender legs for days!!!!

We then put on a rubber quebec she began a smokin hot CBJ. I fondled her and slapped my meat against her cheeks, with not a car in sight, as I stood on the sidewalk!!! She was so into it!!!!!!!!!! We were parked next to a field near the train tracks. So we snuck into the field and I made her sit on a cement block behind a thin leafless tree and we continued with more outdoor CBJ and HJ.

We then hopped back into my car and she gave me more CBJ. Then I drove off to my house, and the whole while she was giving me head! We got to my house and continued more of the fun. I finally stripped her nylons off and exploded between her succulent feet!!!!!!! We offer a user friendly merb which will most certainly allow you to easily navigate through the site and adult classifieds. Hot content and a fun design make your visit to JaysXlist a more than enjoyable one. Our website is designed to help you reach your target audience escorts the Montreal and Quebec region easily and quickly.

JaysXlist offers advanced abuse filtering services, and in this manner we can guarantee a safe environment for your advertisements and interactions. We pay a great sherbrooke of attention on our customer service as well as provide an opportunity to all our end users to contact us at any time. JayXList is a website designed according to the latest trends and has one sherbrooke the best search engine rankings online.

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JaysXlist is the fastest growing online classifies for all adult services in Montreal and quebec connect you with everything to do with Montreal escort services. Salu les gars. J adore le sexe. Je suis une femme de 36 ans, douce, amicale et j'aime sucer. Post your Merb erotic ad in seconds. Find escorts and erotic massages all over Quebec, quick and easy!. We are constantly developping new cool features sherbrooke you can follow up and enjoy your favorite Escorts in Sherbrooke.

Quebec strive to be number 1. Hey folks, sorry if this is a little off topic. I'll be in Montreal next week escorts a conference.

I'll be bringing the wife, but I hope to get the chance to slip out during the conference during the day. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good strip club.

I am not looking for full service, just a nude club with good dances, open during the day, and asian or hispanic dancers if possible. I am staying in the Fairmount Queen Elizabeth, escorts since time might be an issue, proximity to this hotel would be nice too. As always, Thanks! You quebec not get more than a lap dance. If you are looking for more action i would got for a massage at Isiis sherbrooke Maisoneuve Have funJohn jr.

If I am feeling a little brave, I'll check out Issis as per your suggestion. Have a great weekend. Have a great weekend Dont forget to bring warm clothes and to write a review when you come back! Who want to see tamara of sexytamara.

I have the videos to prove it. And god knows how many pornstars in Montreal also work as escorts and in FS clubs. Looking for some action on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I like the site merb the pictures look more home made rather than the airbrushed pics on other sites. Do you recommend that I make a reservation in advance or can I just call when I am ready?

I would rather call when I am ready rather than having to set a time. Porno fun anyone know the names of the girls who do provide? What are the estimated costs? So far these are some of my old Favs. But people merb at least know that she is now openly a porn star.

True and this is why i usualy like to go with newbies! I talked to her and she did bbj only to completion and did some porn scenes with bbj deepthroat and cfs covered full sex. Quebec my mistake. The site claims she does but she did not.

Does anyone have reviews on: She is a safe girl but extremely GFE and an animal in bed! See Sunny's montrealhotgirls. Most of these girls are working there. Lanny Barby has her own production agency now the old euromodel so she is buisy with this. If i get more info i will add on Thanks for the info.

I only see Judy on that site, but I maybe if I call they can set something up with the other girls. I guess it is worth the call. Has anyone been with any of these pornstars? Tamara is a big liar.

She told me that she doesn't do unprotected sex in porn. Guys be aware of this before you decide to see her. The proof is here: Thought I would post a report. Called Devilish late and none of the 5 girls I wanted was available even though they worked that night. She is also not really beautiful, young and on the heavier side. Would not repeat and was disappointed by my first experience with this agency, which has attracted rave reviews.

Merb try someone else next time Heard Michelle is an ex-Eleganza usually described as a "librarian" or "girl next door" type with a great service. I haven't been to a library since I was a student and had no idea what a librarian might look like, quebec even that there was a profile for librarians.

Montreal [Archive] - Page 10 - InternationalSexGuide

My mistake, the second Michelle walked into the quebec I thought "Gosh she looks like a librarian! What it means is not sexy at all But I have to say that she largely makes up for her rather simple, borderline unattractive appearance by fantastic service. Came out of the bathroom in her underwear, revealling her small i. Normally available at an extra charge. Not a clock watcher, full of energy, pleasant, all in all a very good escort for those who like the girl next door type.

Forgot to mention she is about 20 yo. Hey all, I usually contribute to Istanbul, Turkey. But now I am in Laval, QC. Any local action there? Massage clubs? Strip joints with more than a pure lap dance? I appreciate responses. Some recent exploits will be listed but here is a rating key: Face-Body-Service-Sensuality Service: If I took a girl on my own and she was not good, this will not affect the approval rating. I have adjusted the ratings to suggest this.

Montreal Hot Girls: Jordan, Amy Sherbrooke on Fire: Tatooed extensively. Curves94 think she may be better if you are hot, not my case. Wild sherbrooke, not for the faint or soft lovers! Awesome legs and ass, perky B cup, sherbrooke and sexy eyes None Devilish: GFE Gorgeous ass and legs very petite frame, great service, merb looking face too, best looking girl next door type ever! GFE Escorts sensual, screamer too!

Exotic looks, not for merb who like the typical Quebecois. GFE Very business like HOttest merb girl I have ever done GFE Beautiful eyes, she looks like courtney cox GFE Beautiful face, looks like hayden pannetierre GFE not the most attractive, sensual or skilled young female models porn, big boned, nice skin, really not into her job, poor experience Kelly: GFE She left after 40 minutes, muscular body, looks older late 30s You will quickly discover that there is very little or no action in Montreal on ISG which was very surprising to me given the fact that our city is full of escorts women and the service we receive is great.

Maybe your contribution will attract more attention. Personally I am planing a trip to Colombia soon since I find there women extremely beautiful so that will give me ground for comparison but by the look of it we seem to be way behind on the international sceen. Nevertheless I wish you success over here, but not too much we do not want demand to get sherbrooke high over here.

JiooooWhere in Colombia are you going? Im thinking of going in Medellin in April 08 John Jr. However I am yet to know my exact travel date but it will definitely be after the escorts of March. Cfnm free video clips me if you need a wingman. Hi All, Can some one tell me how much extra does girls from Eleganza or Devilish request for the greek? Nevertheless I wish you success over here, but not too much we do not want demand to get too high over here ; Jiooooo, I think it's escorts presence of the other boards to some extent.

My merb of view, is that the other boards and to some degree this thread, seem to over sell the beauty and service of the woman. More realistic reviews would help.

Over the top reviews merb as Shill, even if they are not. I also understand that the other boards have very agressive mods, who may be dictating what can be said. I have been to Montreal several times, and most to me would be 6's and 7's at best. That's not a flame. I would say the same about Bangkok or Rio, which are two very big mongering destinations. I consider average a 5. I must admit, I was disappointed during my visits to Montreal.

Some of it due to the 9's and 10's I kept reading about and some of it due to the limited supply of the top girls and their being booked all the time. Very difficult for quebec who makes 3 to 4 day business trips. Service levels are like most other mongering destinations. Sometimes downright terrible, sometimes below average, sometimes average and occassionaly spectacular.

I would rate quebec in a 1, a 9 or above and 1 in a an 8. Hal the John brings over the standard Canadian rating system format, and provides more realistic ratings. He gives more 9's and 10's out than I would, but that's just quibbling. He provides a great starting point and has brought more to this thread in one post than many have done in the years this thread has been in existence. The approval rating was a nice touch. I have used both Eleganza and Devilish and also Asservisante, among others.

I had two terrible experiences with Asservisante. All that said, I have had a great time in Montreal and hope to be back soon. Since I'm from Hawaii, the winter weather and culture change can be nice. Peace, AT2. Hello Asia, You do bring very valid points. In deed the other boards are very active when it comes to Montreal.

I personally post on only one since I think quebec the green one is owned or controlled by a certain agency. To add to that I feel that their is a competition between members on who gets the most mileage, but that will take forever for us to debate. Concerning the ratings, I do agree that reviewers in Montreal seem to be overgenerous that is why I, just like Hal, write all my reviews in one thread so sherbrooke can compare.

If I give a girl a 6 and you have also seen her but escorts you she is a 8, then you would know that when Sherbrooke give a 9 to another one that you quebec not met that she will most probably be to your liking. The opposite also stands. And I also do agree with the bookings. I am a local and there are some SPs that I have not been able to book for more then 4 months. So for an out of towner I do understand why some would be a bit disappointed in Montreal: Do you have any rooms available for me in Hawaii?

Jiooooo, Nothing to debate. I agree with everything you said. And yes, we have rooms! I spent Saturday morning at the beach escorts the afternoon at the Golf course. Unforuntately, spent most give mepink com Sunday working on a project, bouncing between work on the computer and checking out the Bangkok thread.

I may be summer bailey bio in a few weeks, but still deciding. It's good to see some activity on this thread. Jiooooo, And yes, we have rooms! AT2 Not funny. We had freezing rain today, almost had to take out my skates quebec order merb not brake my ass on the sidewalk. I am counting my minutes until I get on board that plane headed to Medellin.

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Montreal [Archive] - Page 5 - InternationalSexGuide

If sherbrooke can find me a escorts in Hawaii I will gladly rent that room you have available for at least a couple of years. I will wash dishes, cook, clean in exchange of a room and a girl every night.

Not funny. Anyone know a cheap place to get halfway-respectable club wear? While we're on the topic, I'm fashion-handicapped, what should I get, anyway? I like black t-shirts and already have a few, but ebony mature porn movies may not merb warm enogh. What else? I want something not to expensive, doesn't need dry cleaning, but can at least get me through the door of the club and not be too embarassing, etc.

I should be in Montreal a week and in Quebec City a week. I promise a full report to be dedicated to any one who answers my questions. I am fairly good at finding the mongering stuff, but getting decent escorts is another story. My plan is to hit up the clubs, then gradually drink myself into a stupor while impressing the civilians with my wit, then when they all get disgusted with me, hit the strip clubs for a bj or a quickie, try and get a number so I can call her back to my hotel later, failing that, call an escort.

BTW, is are the canbest forums down? I tried going to the canbest forums and was redirected to Interpubl. For the cloths try Zara. Good luck with quebec mongering but do not expect BJs in strip clubs in montreal or quebec unless you wonder on the outskirts of the cities. Also take note that in quebec escorts are not that good, only VIP is worth trying. Different story in Mtl, you will find half a dozen of agencies with good looking girls that provide great service. More info can indeed be easily found on montreal escort review community.

Thanks, Jiooo, for info. Will check out Zara. There is too much information, it would take days to read it all, but of what I read Body Shop seemed to have fewer complaints and more good reviews. Are there any including ones I didn't mention sherbrooke you can recommend above the others?

They are a ways outside of Montreal, seems escorts are more bang for the buck, but I would still like to merb one out, and I am really interested in FS with a French Canadian preferably with big tits, so I guess the FS strip clubs would give a good line up.

Thanks for tip on VIP. How about Montreal? There is so much information on Monteal that it is impossible to read it all. CJW For the cloths try Zara.

The thing about FS clubs is that the girls rotate around in all of them, so recomanding one of the above mentioned is really tricky since they are all lies diary of a escort.