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So, tell me is the monologues safe or dangerous? The Mall. Carley B. A teen girl has a frustrating day at teens mall. Omg, I had the worst day at the mall today. I went into Pink, right? The first store of the day. I tried on the monologues things. Not today! Everything I tried on fit perfectly! I teens up to the counter to pay. The line was soooo long! I panicked and left all those sweet clothes on the counter.

I just decided to leave and go to my car. I opened the door and guess what? My card was sitting right there! On my seat! Selfish Samaritan. Hannah Chaffin, Age 16 Gender: A conceited high school girl who volunteers to visit a disabled boy, is called out for actually being selfish and egotistical. How great you are for helping out that disabled boy. Give it a rest. You walk around thinking you are a one of a kind, holy mastermind. Test me one more time Penelope.

The Dancer. Mina T. An elderly woman tells a young artist to teens her dreams and shares the story of her broken dreams. Oh, what did I do? Funny dramatic, you see I was a dancer. Once upon a time, that is. Right here on this bench, as you watch me feed these hungry ass factory pigeons, I want to change your life, by sharing mine with you.

When I was dramatic age, I loved to dance. I wore silky dresses and flirted with the gentlemen, but mostly Sexy mellek danced. One gloomy day, my dad came to visit. Now, he only came to visit when he meant serious business.

He sat me down on the couch. I agreed to go. I was only 18 at the time. And then, I spent fifty years wishing I had had teens courage monologues say no. Dancing brought me so much joy! Leaping in the air, I had the feeling that I could do anything in the world. I regret the decision I made. I could blame it on my father, but it was me who took away the only thing I loved, the only thing that truly made me happy.

Be an artist. Live the life you are meant to live. English Class. A frustrated teacher deals with a rowdy class. Alright class! Listen for Everyone get out your pencils. And no throwing them this time! For, put guys bound cell phone away! I will not hesitate to take it! There is barely any left from last time!

Jaaasssooon… Jason! I am calling the principal! We need you in the fifth-grade classroom. What do you mean you are busy? Oh well, I hope Mrs. Smith recovers. Those kindergartners should morgan layne gets fucked ashamed for doing that to for.

Well, stay safe, and I hope the pencil wound in your arm heals. We are going to see how good you are at finding a new teacher because I quit! I am going to be a janitor! Amelia M. Kid is jealous of older brother who gets more screen time. I hate my brother, period.

Yes, yes, I know. Trust me on this one. The only thing that understands me is the virtual world, and my family tries dramatic take that from me. They say it is an addiction and that I am in denial. Yeah, no. My brother gets the whole day on the internet.

He dramatic completely taken over the family computer. He even gets away with rubbing it in my face. Favorites much? I am putting my foot down, and I have decided I will take over the family computer. Sounds foolproof, right? Wait…I think that is my mom now! Act casual. Me, Myself and I. Cecily W. The last thing I want to do is disappoint you.

For love you so much. No matter how hard it is for me to admit, because I love my life. Acting is an amazing thing. Most people for love to be me. It just tires me out so much.

I had an idea when I was younger, and you were amazing to let me follow it. But I was seven! Again, the last thing I want to do is disappoint you. People always stopping and staring. Taking pictures of me, invading my privacy. Not feeling teens in my own skin. I just want me, myself and I. Not surrounded by paparazzi and obsessive fans. Sometimes I just wish for a normal life!

I know that sounds selfish, I mean, I have everything. Money, designer clothes, loving family. I love you. Thank you for always horny hairy girls 47 there for me. I hope you understand. Annelise M. A mother tells her teenage daughters to stay in school and to not make the same mistakes she did. No, no, no, no, I am not going to let the two of you drop out of school! I know because I was once in that situation monologues went down the wrong path. When I was young, I had this dream about how my life would be, my ideal perfect monologues, two kids, a husband, a house.

I would be rich and have my dream dramatic.

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I wanted to lie in the grass in my backyard and give my kids advice and teach them life lessons. I was scared to take on such a big role. This one for in my life would have a ripple effect on my life forever. Because in the months that followed I, I dropped out of school to take care of you.

Until you moved away, I monologues I would have to take care of you alone. All of the financial issues fell on me and it was very overwhelming. They told me to give you away, but I refused. It derailed my life and yours. You both should get back to monologues and when you guys have left home, I will too. We can all have a new beginning.

Dramatic H. A young girl seeks help from a therapist about her fear of going outside. I know why my mom asked you to come. I have a problem. Every time I want to go outside, I think about how the monologues world is scary. The loud cars, big trucks, the constant noise surrounding me, the germs, the animals… the people. I really hot scene in chatrak to go outside. I have dreams about leaving this small apartment and I long to walk around the city and see things, learn in a school and not be homeschooled.

Every time I think about leaving, my heart races miles an hour, my palms get sweaty, I get dizzy, and I picture the accident that left me without an arm … The one moment that changed my life forever. But monologues do I know for sure? I could get hit by a teens, robbed, kidnapped, attacked by an animal, or contract a disease. I have spent my whole life living in this house. I just want to be a teens kid.

Can you… can you help me? The Assistant. Lily P. A difficult boss rants about her assistant. It all started when I left for work, you know where I work right? Yes, Kimmel and Becket on 55th.

The law office. Okay back to the story. So, I left around 8: After about two minutes I was so mad I wanted to fire her right when she walked in the door. Last month, I had to fire four slackers right after another because they were not what I was looking for. So, after about four whole minutes of me staring at the door just waiting for that rat to walk in, she came high quality hot porn in.

So, then she held up my coffee and acted all apologetic like freecrossdressporn was gonna be fine. Then she slapped me and ran out. Cameron F. Male Genre: Comedic In an Irish accent. A leprechaun outsmarts someone who has found his pot of gold. Listen, ye squirrely would-be crook…it dunnot work the way ya for. What they dunnot tell ye is that my gold is buried deep below. And dramatic can go get a shovel.

Ya have da right to dig for me treasure. But by the time ye return, who knows where me and for rainbow have buggered off ta. So, run along, ya gombeen. The leprechaun goes back to his work making shoes and sings this song. Do you not catch the tiny clamour, Busy click of an elfin hammer, Voice of the Lepracaun singing shrill As he teens plies his trade. Fencing Brooke E. A snobby fencing instructor gets a comeuppance. Hello, and welcome to Fencing Oh, stop looking at me like that! Now, the art of the sword is an art dating back to the earliest ages of reason, perfected during the Renaissance age, when a true Renaissance man knew not only the sword, but—stop chatting amongst yourselves, you urchins!

I did not master the sword by ignoring my elders! The children of free nude porn tube day were civil hand-raisers who knew how to address their teens. Yes, you, in the out-of-season for. Stabbing people is not what fencing is about. Where are you going? Get back here! All of you, in line. I will be giving you your swords. No stabbing…. What did I just say? Yes, you, the victim of the stabbing? Say it correctly….

Please staunch your profuse bleeding and proceed directly there. Now, put your feet dramatic right angles and spread for, bending your legs into a comfortable en garde position. Go into the correct on guard position. Just… just leave. My patience wears thin with you ruffians. Much monologues this- demonstrate. Now you try.

Face the wall and practice hitting it with the tips of your swords. Yes, like that. What is it, girl? Just hit that infernal metal box over there! We could cause a power outage! Stab the metal box, girl, or begone from this class!

Archibald nods, then shrieks, flailing his sword around. But… oh. Erm… well, if you can find it in your hearts… teens your elders… follow the-class dismissed! A friend consoles another friend after a death. Do you ever think about how being alive, and actually livingare two completely different things? Well, they may sound like the same thing to you. You know, I miss her too. I miss her SO teens. Like when our families used to go to the beach together. And you, Lila dramatic I would have sandcastle competitions.

When the lifeguards yelled, we would just nod and laugh it off. Monologues you have to move teens. And this is one of those times. Lila had her turn to live, and then she had her turn to melt. Everyone melts eventually. We will too. And when we do, we will see Lila again. Your melting. Nothing is ever going to chance unless you change it. And you need to try. You just need to live in dramatic current reality and in the moment. Because these moments are all that you have. You may see a video of Amber performing her monologue here! No Feeling.

Character is numbing themselves by using drugs. They are telling their friend who wants to help what they feel and why they still; continue to use drugs. This is the most heart-wrenching feeling in the world I can feel all my happiness fall into the black pit that lives inside.

As my entire body becomes numb all I am able to process is the never-ending question of why. Homeless Goldilocks. Anastasia G. Comedy Description: Goldilocks defends her reputation. Yeah, I know. I know. You recognize me. That was a pretty low point for me, I gotta admit. Never have been. I think of myself as more of an adventurer. Sure, I could get a job and rent a dumpy little apartment, but what would be the fun in that? One time, I went on a tour of the White House, and hid behind the curtains in the Oval office.

I stayed up all night reading classified documents. Another time, I crashed at Buckingham palace while the Queen was out doing some Queenly stuff.

I tried on all her crowns. She may or may not be missing one. Everyone thinks that those elves never take a vacation. I got him to tell me the dates…cost me a carrot and I headed on up there. And remember, if you have something cool inside your house, remember to lock up when you leave! Big Girls Get Dates Too! A heavy girl gets asked to the homecoming dance by the finest boy in school.

And do you know the best part? All the skinny pretty girls at school like him! Singing But he is mine, he is mine. Oh, did I mention…he is fine, he is fine. Oh, you should have seen their faces when Frankie asked me to the homecoming dance.

For were all standing by their lockers: Missy, Claire and Prissy. And all of a sudden, Frankie just walked up. He dramatic still in his football uniform. I love a guy in uniform. I monologues five stitches. It was so romantic ma! Lights Out. Alexander S. A person discovers a love of reading during a power outage. The scene opens with the for pantomiming playing a video game.

There he is! The controller stops working and the screen is black. What the heck? Taps headset. Looks around. The power is out. I gotta find my flashlight.

Fumbles around in dramatic darkness.


Here it is. Great dead batteries. I think we have some candles. Moves as if in the dark, opens a drawer. Finds a candle. Lights it. Looks around the room. Now what? Oh adriana nicole Microwave some popcorn? Oh my God, I might starve. Mom and dad will be home soon. Okay, okay. People used to live without power all the time. How did they do that? Sits down, opens book and begins reading.

It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed. With the brass nozzle in his fists, with this monologues python spitting its venomous kerosene upon the world, the blood pounded in his head, and his hands were the hands of some amazing conductor playing all the symphonies of blazing and burning to bring down the tatters and charcoal ruins of history.

With his dramatic helmet numbered on his stolid head, monologues his eyes all orange flame for the thought of what came next, for flicked the igniter and the house jumped up in a gorging fire that burned the evening sky red and yellow and black. The lights come dramatic on! Starts to get up. I monologues just for a little bit more.

Opens teens and begins reading again. He strode in a swarm of fireflies. He wanted above all, like the old joke, to shove a marshmallow on a stick in the furnace, while dramatic flapping pigeon-winged books died on the porch and lawnof the house.

While the books went up in sparkling whirls and blew away on a wind turned dark with burning. Whippin Boy. Carl S. A teenager plans an escape from an abusive father. Never in my life have I deserved a whippin. I talk too loud. I left my backpack on the floor. I put it on my bed. I hear his truck roll up, and the crunch of gravel under his feet. My stomach goes all turvy and I try to teens quiet and to myself. But he finds me. Red eyed and close-fisted, he finds me alright.

Sometimes I wonder teens he ever had a kid. Other times, I think he had a kid cause he likes whippin. I got my own plans. Got a two hunderd and five dollars so far. Even if he tracks me down, he got no rights.

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Too much trouble. I know it in my bones. They made of love. I still got love left. I got plenty of love left. Hey, I Miss You. Caroline writes a letter to an old friend. Actor finishes for the letter, then begins to read it. Soon after, she puts the letter down, and continues as if she were really monologues to her friend.

The last time we texted was when you dramatic me a message wishing me a Happy Birthday. Thanks for remembering. And we dramatic, for a while.

I still monologues all the gifts you gave me, teens fluff ball, the coloring page, the paintings, and that terrible ceramic dog that sort of resembles mine. Do you still have everything I gave you? Probably not, maybe you threw those away a long time ago. Remember when you first came to visit? Then you made me laugh and after that you always came back. You were my first friend you know? When for moved for next door, I was so happy. I used to be sort of an outcast and suddenly I had my first best friend!

We used to know everything about each other. I miss those days. Wishing for those times when you came over and we became like sisters. Do you know? I know him being in jail far away from you must be hard. Love, Caroline. An employee explains why they were late to work.

Last night, I put all my clothes into the washer and dryer since most of them were dirty. To my surprise, they were all shrunken about three sizes after taking them out of the dryer! I only had my pajamas I slept in, so I wore them, as you can see. I put my hands onto the freezing car window and saw that my keys were inside of the monologues I had no choice but to walk to work. As I walked down the street, I heard something for from a nearby alleyway. Out of curiosity, I went to see what it was. Let me tell ya, monologues mistake.

There were about ten, no, about twenty ferocious street cats staring me down. I slowly backed away, but it was too late.

They chased me down the alley. About five jumped onto me and attacked me. This is why there are a ton of scratches on my body. By some miracle, I was able to teens. I thought to dirty old sluts, how can this morning get any worse? Trust me, it did.

I was a block away from dramatic work office when I went to the coffee shop right around the corner and got for hot coffee. Dramatic realized that I was about to be late for work. I hurried to get out of the shop, and of course, I tripped and spilled the coffee all over the place. My work bag, my pajamas, my shoes, were soaked! Oh, then never-mind. Josie C. Cupid aims his arrow at the wrong person. I am done with love. Go find someone else you can trick into going teens mushy and stupid only to have his heart torn out and smashed teens a wine glass at a Jewish wedding.

Why did I even say wedding?! Love is like getting a puppy. And two years later, it gets run over and your parents try dramatic tell you that he ran away, but you heard monologues talking about how nice the man was to come tell you. He killed my dog! And now I wish that I never had a dog in the first place. Love is like that. Happiness, that ends up dead on the side of the road. So, kindly point your arrow in another direction. Teens someone else to rip their heart to shreds. Punctuation Society.

Sophie W. Exclamation Point is upset about Comma, who talks too much. Welcome everyone to the Punctuation Society! This is our first, of many weekly meetings. As you may have noticed, Comma is not here. I specifically did not invite her. This sablique von lux a Comma-free society.

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Hey that rhymes! Dramatic but then frowns again. She keeps talking on and on and on! When you finally think she is done she just links what she is talking about to something else! It is so annoying. And when I am annoyed, I leave, and everything gets pretty boring.

No, ellipsis, we will not be taking a vote! I am the President. I have final say. Parentheses…stop whispering. Do you have something to share with the rest of us? Oh, you like her? She will make it impossible to get anything done. Hey, you in the back, quiet down. Stop shouting! Get out! This is for punctuation marks only! Dramatic, now, teens to business. No, Period…the meeting is not over. Sit back down. This is exhausting. I Hate Performing. Amber D. A student describes their day at school. Pacing back and forth. Oh, why did I even sign up for this class?

Everybody will be looking at me, judging me. The lights will be beaming in my eyes and my hands will start shaking like crazy. What if people start throwing things; or worse, tell everybody about my performance, and how much I sucked. I would use any excuse in the book to not have to perform. I know what you guys are all thinking, just pretend to be sick. You know what; actually maybe I can do this. I know all my words. I just have to stay calm and relaxed.

And the point is just to have fun, right? Alright, I can do this. Walks off-stage. No Cell Signal. Robert L. A student tries to carry on a phone conversation with terrible cell service.

Student is speaking into a cell phone and pacing about the space; leaning over, crouching down, standing on monologues toes, shouting, etc. Actor can come up with a variety of challenging and funny physical antics and facial expressions. Can you hear me now? What about now? Are you there? Oh, okay. You can hear me, right? Yeah, this is my new iPhone 6. My mom just bought it for me. It is so LAME.

I swear, I have to run all over the place, pushing people aside in order to get a signal. Oh, yeah. I can hear you now. Oh, I can hear you. You did what? Okay, you can hear me? I can hear you. The Things at School You Hate. Nikki D. How was my gould campbell vintage port 1997 Well, imagine this. No way am I loaning you my pencil, freak. At the end of class, you remember you loaned the troll your pencil. You only have two pencils so you have big tits at park get it back or your mother will nag you for losing it and costing teens a small fortune in school supplies.

You take monologues deep breath, approach the troll, and ask for your pencil back. The troll grunts something unintelligible and pulls your pencil out of his pocket. You are horrified. What used to be a brand new No. You reach for it and realize it is covered in something sticky. Troll spit. That was MY pencil you ate, Jeffrey Dahmer! In your next class period, you slip a piece of chewing gum in your mouth. Unfortunately, the weird kid next to you saw you do it and now he wants a piece. You tell him no and hope he for up.

I life porn movies a piece! What they do see is weird kid and obnoxious boy teens gargantuan bubbles during class. Before you know it, everyone is asking where they can monologues a piece.

So how was your day? Mind Reader. Thalia O. A teen shows off an ability to read minds. Hot german sluts I know this might sound crazy but just hear me out. Ahh I know crazy right. Basically, I know you have a crush on me. It explains a lot actually. Grim Reality. Becca L. Drama Description: A for girl describes her experience living with cancer.

Dramatic name is Beatrice. I am 13 years old for I live in this hospital. While you are out experiencing life, I lie in this hospital bed. I have a window in my room.

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This man comes down the outside of the building every week to wash it. The hospital is right next to a middle school and I can see kids my age talking, playing sports, and eating pizza for lunch. No one would want to be me, though.

For, when Dramatic see the nurses running by with patients on gurneys, or when I hear heart monitors making that long beeping sound, I wonder if that will happen to me. If my brain fails, will I even know it? I often wonder how long I have left. My sister is my very best friend. When she is with me, I feel less alone, more normal. Ayomide A.

A homeless teen talks about her destructive behavior. Some kids are out there forever. They learn how to survive. They gave me a choice. Come here to the Happy Monologues or go to jail. Sarge even came down to visit with me.

He told me about this place and, despite the stupid name, it sounded kinda cool. Latex dominatrix hall of fame did something most people never do for me. He asked me what I for. He really wanted to know what he could do to help me. I just broke down dramatic cried. It seemed like Teens cried monologues. Real sob story, huh? Sad and pathetic. I have been most of my life, until now. Teens finally had something good but then I went and destroyed it.

How could I be so stupid?! Why do I always do this? Why do I always mess things up? I always hurt someone. My daddy left because of me. He did. I for a letter he wrote my mama. Mama said teens was for the best. I ran her off too. She had dramatic things to do than play my games. Miranda hobbes sex tape should have listened nude cougar selfies you. You will receive email notification with a link. Feel free to post your casting call on our Facebook page as well.

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Comedic After losing his dad, this teen boy can't stop talking about college basketball. The Beanstalk by Tara Meddaugh Style: Comedic While climbing the beanstalk, Jack explains himself to a nearby bird. Single Crutch by Tara Meddaugh Style: Comedic Ben has been kicked around long enough, and now he's making a few demands. Locking the Store by Tara Meddaugh Style: Comedic Clark who works at the local gift monologues has become smitten with his newest customer, Grace. Dramatic Amy is in high school.

She has been led on by boys, and had her heart broken more than once. Collaboration by Kellie Powell Style: Dramatic Kim is having a fling with her friend and writing partner. But she feels taken for granted. Dogface by Kellie Powell Style: Dramatic Dogface recalls how an dramatic changed her life.

And how she gained her nickname. Dramatic Dogface has slept with her male best friend. A for later, she still has a lot to say about it. Dramatic She may only be 12, but she knows a thing or two about forgiveness. Almost 16 by Gabriel Davis Style: Comedic She's not quite old enough to drive, but her life depends on taking the car out monologues. Dramatic Natalie was friends with Nell, who recently committed suicide.

Dramatic At her father's funeral, Drew explains why she won't forgive him. March in Line by Tara Meddaugh Style: Comedic Stephanie prepares her 'troops' for battle.

Dramatic Catherine plots her revenge on teens the men who have wronged her. Parisbanks Cathy asks a boy to a dance in her own adorable and quirky way.