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Similar Books Suspense. Hundred Dollars or Less. Collection Starter. But racing doesn't just attract the money men of the city. It's riddled with all kinds of dubious dealmakers. People who don't think twice about breaking bones. People to whom no bet is safe until it's paid in blood, Ekaterin's blood. Derek Franklin is an injured jockey. The last fence at Cheltenham has left him on crutches. He inherits a jewellery business, a mistress — and some very shady business associates. Franklin likes to play things straight.

When English agent Gene Hawkins told his boss he'd forego his vacation to search for millionaire Dave Teller's prized missing stallion, he didn't know his retainer would include the attention of his boss's beautiful teenage daughter - or Teller's seldom sober wife. John Kendall knows how to survive. He's written six handbooks on the subject.

Now he wants to become a novelist, preferably without starving to death.

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But when cold and hunger set in, Kendall impulsively accepts an unlikely job. He is to research and write a biography of Tremayne Vickers, a famous racehorse trainer. Staying at Vickers' home in rural Berkshire, Kendall soon learns to like his host and friends, learns to ride racehorses, learns about murderers When jockey Martin Stukely dies following a fall in a steeplechase at Cheltenham races, he accidentally embroils shemale strokers free friend Gerard Logan in a perilous search for a stolen videotape.

Gerard Logan is a glass-blower on the verge of widespread acclaim for his work.

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James Tyrone was the troubleshooting gracing correspondent of the Sunday Blazea newspaper dedicated to exposing scandals in the noisiest and most profitable way. Profession kendra lust first anal Focus: Kidnap preventers and rescuers.

Definitely off the beaten path. Sounds pretty neat, actually. Something to live vicariously through reading rather than contemplate for myself! Protagonist as a Memorable Character: Like most of Francis's protagonists Andrew is youngish, thinish, unflappable, capable, wit Serviceable mystery in the Francis mold, though there are others of his that I prefer more.

Like most of Francis's protagonists Andrew is youngish, thinish, unflappable, capable, with reserves of inner strength. He's very businesslike and no-nonsense, so he tends to disappear on the page. Gerry and Tony are far more interesting characters.

The Danger by Dick Francis

The victims and their families and friends like Andrew because he's a solid rock, delivers logical advice, and he's compassionate. Relation to Horses: A kidnap victim is a jockey, and Andrew is brought into that world. He himself has no relation to it. Love Interest: Abrupt Ending: Andrew Douglas is a typical Francis hero, competent, decent, not alpha but heroic in a quiet way.

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He works for a firm that advises the families of kidnap victims and helps get the victim back, ideally without paying too much. A the series of kidnapping seems linked to the racing world. Somewhere between 3 and 4 stars, rounded down for the ending which made nice Andrew into a kind of superman. Apr 19, Michael McCue rated it liked it. Dick Francis books always read quickly. The Danger is no different. Dick Francis books are really a collaboration between Hot japanese wifes cheating Francis and his wife Mary.

While Mary was never credited as co-author in an interview Richard Francis said that "Dick Francis" meant both of them. The plots of their stories always revolve around horse racing. In The Danger the main character is not a jockey or horse trainer but a security consultant.

But the victims and all connected to horse racing and that is how a Dick Francis books always read quickly. But the victims and all connected to danger racing and that is how a kidnapper selected them. Three kidnappings fill this book, all by the same person and our protagonist, Andrew Douglas, is sent to investigate.

What will he find? Andrew Douglas, a kidnapping specialist, is hired to solve a series of kidnappings connected with horse racing, including that of a female Italian jockey and a little British boy. The novel is exciting, Andrew is logical and tough, yet with danger soft side that the him appealing to Alesia, the jockey.

Another great book by Dick Francis. Francis heard this read by Tony Britton, who is absolutely masterful in creating different character voices who are all quite believable. I look forward to hearing somet Andrew Douglas, a kidnapping specialist, is hired to solve a series of kidnappings connected with horse racing, including that of a female Italian jockey tony perez porn a little British boy. I look forward to hearing something else read by him. Apr 19, Ember rated it it was amazing.

The Danger is incredibly hard to put down! I was desperate for some new reading material and chatting to my dick about the type of books I read led to him suggesting I tried some of his Dick Francis books. I tend to enjoy crime thrillers so he suggested The Danger as it follows several kidnappings based around a jockey club. The francis uncovering of his feelings for his love-interest reads as a genuine dick from emotional prop to equal partner in a relationship.

Overall, this is a rock-solid, if unchallenging, thriller. The comparative rarity of books about kidnapping, and the fact that it is obviously closely informed by real-life cases, lend it interest. Well worth a read.

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See also: The Village Smith: Final destination: Log In. Toggle navigation MENU. Email Address. So Francis, that canny pro, serves up three kidnap cases in a compact, all-tension, overlapping triptych: The novel opens mid-kidnap in Bologna: Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

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