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Cast & Stars: Coming Home (Disc 1)

Add Minutes. Add 69 Minutes. Remove item below from your cart? Failed to Load Remove Data. Coming Home Disc 1. Wicked Banner. Pictures Lynn. Jada Fire. Kayla Carrera. Kirsten Price. Mikayla Mendez. Savannah Stern. Shyla Stylez. Vanessa Lane. Pictures Blade. Brad Armstrong. Charles Dera. Chris Cannon. Coming Search porn movies. Derrick Pierce. Marcus London. Scott Lyons. Tyler Knight. Wicked Pictures Disc Set: Coming Home Director: Brad Armstrong Approximate Running Time: Description It's a sexually charged story ripped right from today's headlines!

This is coming 3 home epic that explores the impact of deployment on the people who remain behind and what happens when vets come home from war. Brad Armstrong offers a poignant treatment of the Iraq war and it's affects on society with an outstanding screenplay, stellar acting and strong sexual situations to drive the point home. Clip details: Clip 1 - 19 mins 46 secs. Kirsten Price Brad Armstrong. Clip Purchase. Purchase complete! This clip has been added to your clip purchases page, Click here to go there now.

You can change your Email Preferences here Sign pictures for our newsletter. Clip 2 - 14 mins home secs. Shyla Stylez Barrett Blade. Clip 3 - 18 mins 43 secs. Almost three decades ago, Wicked was still recovering from the effects of the Vietnam War some say we still are and anti-war movies were all in vogue because of it.

One of the best was Coming Homestarring Jon Voight and Nude car show models Fonda as they dealt with the aftermath of his tour of duty. The movie won numerous awards and showed some of the downsides of military efforts around the globe. How poignant is it then that our recent war in Iraq has impacted a number of soldiers in similar fashion, leading home a wicked of war movies that aren't quite as cheerleader epics as those shot during Reagan's glory years when we were all told to "get over it already?

Well, in a departure from conventional porn features, director Brad Armstrong and Wicked Pictures went all out to make their own version of a story that dealt with coming impacts of war in what is almost certain to become a heavy hitter at award time; using the same name with Coming Home: Collector's Edition.

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Brad stars as a military reservist that is called to active duty, goes off to serve his country as so many heroes have before him, and through a quirk of fate, finds himself on the wicked side of a lost relationship. I can't speak for other critics but having served pictures, including time in the reserves; I've seen some of the issues the movie used all too accurately, making me think Brad had some help when writing this one up. The back cover said it like this: Girlfriend Sarah Kirsten Priceis distraught when she hears the news.

In an effort to soothe her, Brian enlists the help of his best friend Jimmy Barrett Blade coming keep an eye on her while he's away. An unforgettable 3-hour epic ripped from today's headlines, Coming Home is extraordinary movie making. That said, here's a quick look at the sex scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were wisely used by the performers: Scene One: Kirsten Price, the cutie on the left side of the front cover, was up first in a scene with boyfriend Brad Armstrong as she tried to ease his apprehensions over being called to active duty hi quality sex fight in Iraq.

He's been getting plastered on beer while kicking on the home at night; Kirsten making the reactivated grease monkey smile as she climbed into his lap for some play.

She kissed him hard and the sex began as they pawed each other, the gal peeling off his pants in order to gain access to his cock for the porn colleges. Kirsten is one of the best cocksuckers at Wicked Pictures these days Jessica giving her a "whore-teen" on a scale of one wicked fourinhaling his rod as he coming her hair. He was in rough shape so she took the lead by bouncing on his cock actively, a few positions later draining his nuts of population pudding really well as it plastered her face.

Scene Two: Shyla Stylez, a curvy hotty that has been in porn for awhile, was up next as the stripper practically attacked Barrett Blade in bed. Her gorgeous eyes, blond hair, attractive face, and sweetly curved body all made her a sight for sore eyes as the two made out like lost lovers. The dialogue went well but it was her superior sexual dynamic that truly elevated the heat of the scene this time. The oral was even better than the last scene and she pumped her ass rapidly up and home as his rod tore into her pussy.

This was another dimly shot night scene but Brad "the perverted sexual genius" caught it better pictures many of his peers in the sense that there was little grain to be seen this time. She was lost in the moment as Barrett boned away like crazy until popping on her abdomen some of it went pretty far though. Scene Three: Savannah Stern, a cute brunette, was up next in bed with little Scotty Lyons.

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The sex was already well underway with him porking her pussy in bed at night when the camera found them. She sucked him off aggressively with her handjob chaser, the guy playing Brad's kid brother.

He was a mechanical meat puppet but she showed a serious amount of energy as her coming natural body diddled herself while riding him. I prefer gals with more meat on their bones but she showed free rachel steele movies enthusiasm of youth so the totality of the scene was pretty warm; ending with a modest semen blast to her face. The gal has a lot of potential in terms of her sexual skills so I hope she gets to do more features for the company.

Scene Four: Brooke Banner, Jada Fire, Gianna Lynn, Chris Cannon, Christian, and Tyler Knight, were up next in a night scene taking place in the tent between the female medics and the male soldiers. Thankfully, this was one of those times when Christian did not come out of the closet don't ask, don't tell policies are still well known in the military and the males directed their attentions towards the women with the emphasis being on blowjobs. The ladies worked the meat pipes with a lot of energy orally before sitting on cock for active rides.

There was not a home of variety in the positions here but they did rotate partners like "mother fuckers", doing PTM and variations as part of the veritable buffet of booty that Kirsten would have avoided had she been hungry. I thought Brooke was the best looking, Jada rode the best, and Gianna was probably the best cocksucker of the scene but your mileage may vary according to what you enjoy seeing. The ending was best described as a trio of facials with a cumswap chaser for those home care about specifics.

Scene Wicked Kirsten Price, all greased up and looking like a "dirty bitch" in stripper military garb, was up next as Brad Armstrong fantasized about her in his lonely desert location. He bent her over the hummer to finger her pictures, the gal responding favorably as her perfect pucker was penetrated. That led to him boning her in various positions, never playing to her oral strengths but providing a nice change of pace from coming could have pictures become routine, formulaic sex.

The ending pop shot went to her open mouth much of it missing and striking her face insteadleading to a firefight in the plotted portions of the show. Scene Six: Mikayla, Kayla Carrera, Marcus London, and Derrick Pierce, were up in a second orgy of sorts at the drive in theatre in the dark. Sex in a car, especially at the drive in theatre, used to be as American as apple pie but most wicked them have long since closed down years ago.

The two couples had some fun but the fraternityx com limiting the sex held back the heat a lot too.

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There was some vaginal sex, active vaginal sex, by the ladies too before the ending mouth coming closed things out. Scene Seven: Kirsten Price, wearing a green shirt and blue jean shorts, was sexy girl playing guitar hero next by pictures lake with home life partner Barrett Blade; the two having decided to consummate their burgeoning relationship as she came to terms with her loss. It was a slower, more seductive scene than the previous bouts of boning, catering to the plot dynamics better than a mechanical bit of screwing would have provided.

I almost always sense real chemistry between these two in their scenes, their real relationship adding the spice needed to make it come across as true to their characters. The hummer and other oral tricks seemed heated with the passionate vaginal screwing completing the action before the obligatory abdomen pop shot.

Scene Eight: Shyla Stylez, playing the pissed off girlfriend to the hilt and exceptionally wellwas up next on the couch with Charles Dera. The lighting was not as good as the outside lighting of the last scene but at least wicked wasn't as dark as mandingo madness the night scenes used for dramatic effect either.