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In the Long View. For generations we have been seeking to cover up the so- called primitive peoples classicnudists the world with our Western styles of clothing, whether they were appropriate to the climate and conditions of those peoples or not. Today, we have this change in thinking on the part of some of us that perhaps those "primitive peoples" were wiser than we. Let's be honest. Worse, we classicnudists considered by some to be some sort of "cult. Mere nudity begins to cease to be either a matter of exaggerated concern or latina short hair interest to the majority of the public.

And while the number classicnudists "official" members of organized nudism remains small, the classicnudists has been like the leaven in the loaf; for the workings are far greater and vastly more extensive than the small numbers would warrant. Small as our numbers may be in relation to the entire population, classicnudists one of us has to reflect and develop some clear ideas about what nudism and Naturism means in our individual live and in our relationship with others.

What are the values available to me from being nude, naked, bare of all clothing in the company of others of all ages and both sexes -- and what benefit might derive from these practices? Are there negative aspects, too? - Classic Nudist Colony - Picture

I read with interest the various proposals for changing the name of the American Sunbathing Association --doing away with "sunbathing" and stating the nudist purpose directly. Sunbathing seems to me, as it clearly did to others, a bit of a misnomer; yes, we enjoy the sun on our total bodies, we enjoy the fluidity and motion of the human body in the light of the sun; yet we know nudism and Naturism are more than classicnudists.

Let's look for a moment at classicnudists. Naked, nude, nudism and Naturism.

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According to my dictionary, naked and nude are largely interchangeable. On the other hand, I believe a distinction can be classicnudists between the nudist -- one who joins with others on occasion in mixed company in a state of nakedness -- and the Naturist, who is seeking to live in a state of nudity at all appropriate times and as much as possible in a close relationship with the natural surroundings, alone or with others of all ages and both sexes.

These descriptions are certainly asian street hookers tube to correction and revision. It is Naturism that I seek to practice in my own life. In neither description have I said anything about "values", but I like classicnudists think that the Naturist is more positive-value oriented, whereas among nudists there is considerably greater latitude in the values tolerated.

I shall use these terms interchangeably, though with the above definitions understood. In virtually all the literature, classicnudists many of the letters one reads from new "converts" to nudism or from those who have been active in the lifestyle for a long time, one often finds the comment that practitioners enjoy being nude "because it feels good. At the same time, however, among the beneficial and enjoyable effects or feeling of freedom is the ability of our bodies to function as intended: These bodies can breathe, adjust to variations in temperature, cleanse themselves through the pores, lungs and the whole classicnudists system.

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