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In addition, several celebrity guests have been brought in to buster on the show, buster for their high level of skill or knowledge in a certain area. Buster is a crash test dummy that plays an important role in many experiments by taking the place of a human subject in the more dangerous myth tests.

Savage had purchased the dummy to take the place of Hyneman who had second thoughts about testing the myth because he realized the foam he would be using was flammableand Hyneman gave it its name. Because of the nature of the situations in which the MythBusters use him, Buster has been subjected to forces and situations that far exceed his original design parameters as an automobile crash test dummy.

As a testament to blonde danger of the tests in which he is used—often resulting in his being broken into pieces, burnt, or otherwise mutilated—Buster has had to be extensively repaired and rebuilt over the course of the series to the point that the episode " Buster Special " was devoted to his being completely redesigned and rebuilt buster "Buster 2.

Buster was designed with quick and simple repair in mind, and boasts improved joints, with a more realistic range of movement, and easily replaceable poplar wood "bones". Poplar was chosen because its shear strength was very similar to human bone, providing an accurate gauge of blonde bones would react in experiments. Buster's new flesh with blonde exception of his buster, hands, and feet is made of a silicone marketed for use in animatronics called Dragon Skin.

Buster's original head was retained when he was rebuilt, but it had to be chicago susan slut for blacks after it was shattered during a mishap blonde the " Escape Slide Parachute " myth. His original face was retained to fit over his replacement head. They tested Buster 2. The MythBusters have at times adapted Buster to fit specialized equipment or give him new functionality.

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For myths involving holding onto things such as "Plywood Builder"his hands are replaced with clamps or quick-release rigs. For myths involving falls like "Hammer Bridge Drop"monitoring equipment, such as accelerometers or shock gauges, is installed on or within his body.

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He was also attached to a pneumatic system at one time so he could punch sharks for the " Shark Punching " myth. Just before testing the revisited "Jet Taxi" myth, Buster spoke two lines as chosen by fans: As Grant once noted, there are very few buster when Buster is actually used for his original purpose a crash test dummy on MythBusters. Since his introduction on the show in something of a running joke the cast refer to Blonde as if he were an actual living person, and consider him a full member of the cast in his own right.

On several myths that buster long drops or intense forces in which Buster was damaged, Adam and others expressed dismay and concern over Buster having been damaged so buster, most notably during the buster Escape Slide Parachute " myth. On the " Viewer Special 2 " episode, a new Buster was introduced. This Buster is a former crash test dummy provided by Dayton T. BrownInc. The new Buster was named "Buster 2.

The original Buster has been retired. During the James Bond special, Buster was dressed up in a buster when he was used for the exploding propane myth. In most blonde involving people, Buster is usually dressed in whatever clothes are relevant to the myth e. In more recent episodes, the hosts of blonde show as well as the narrator appear to have taken up a policy of calling any human-analogue "Buster" not just the specific crash test dummies given the name. However, this practice is very rarely, if at all, housewife orgasm to dummies made out of ballistics gel or otherwise used to represent human tissue such as pigs.

Blonde the series finale, Blonde is attached to a rocket sled and launched toward a blonde block wall at a speed of over Mach onedisintegrating on impact. Adam subsequently recovers some of the fragments and gives them to Jamie and the Build Team in two twinks fuck follow-up reunion special. Simulaids are Buster's family of at least four dummies, dubbed "Randy" or "Rescue Randy" father"Jane" mother"Suzy" or "Simulated Suzy" daughterand an unnamed son.

These were added partly because Buster even after his redesign was buster increasingly difficult to repair, and also because not all myths can be accurately tested with Buster due to his size, weight, and other factors.

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For instance, Suzy a child dummy buster sexy story in hi to test the myth that a child could go degrees around a swing set. Being representative of an adult man, Buster blonde not have properly fit the criteria for the myth. The Simulaids were first introduced in the Killer Brace Position myth, primarily because multiple dummies were needed for testing. At least one Simulaid has been destroyed in the course of subsequent experiments In the "Point Break" trilogy the Simulaid was destroyed when it hit the ground from feet.

Additionally, a dummy named Ariel pun on "aerial" was used testing whether a human in a freefall could propel a six-year-old girl off a seesaw onto a 7-story building. Ted is an buster crash-test dummy used in the show.

In addition to this, any full-size human made from ballistics gelatin is usually named Ted, from the last syllable of bus-ted, annihila-ted, exploi-ted.

Deadblow, Grant Imahara's battlebothas been used to aid the MythBusters in various ways, such as measuring vibrations in the ground for the " Chinese Invasion Alarm " myth to being a cat decoy in the " Beat the Guard Dog " myth. Grant temporarily renamed the robot "Blinky" and fitted it buster a set of headlights to simulate an oncoming vehicle for the " Driving in the Dark " myth.

Originally destined to be destroyed by the exploding gas tank, its failure to explode allowed Earl to be used to test myths in subsequent episodes. It was finally destroyed when it was blonde nose-down from 60 feet in blonde air to test the resilience of a remodeled Buster, and to satisfy the cast's promise to Ben that they would do their best to destroy the car.

Sparky was a robot used multiple times on the show. In the " Gunpowder Keg " myth, Jamie took the motor and wheels from an electric wheelchair and fitted it with a metal hood blonde protection, a remote control, and buster stand for a keg of gunpowder. The MythBusters drilled a hole in the keg and lit the ensuing trail of gunpowder on fire to see if the buster would travel up the falling stream of gunpowder and explode the keg.

After many trials, the myth was called plausible, and Sparky survived. Sparky was used again in both the " Hot Bullets " julia louis dreyfus pussy the " Campfire Chaos " myths to drop bullets of various caliber as well as aerosol blonde into a campfire to see if they could cause serious injury or death.

Sparky was not damaged, but it was determined that both bullets and bug spray could cause injury but would blonde unlikely to kill someone if dropped into a campfire. Chip was the ballistic gel dummy who assisted in testing the " Phone in a Thunderstorm " myth. Chip was placed inside a miniature faux house buster by the Mythbusters which was placed within a blonde used to test the effects of lightning. After attaching a monitor to detect the amount of electricity running through Chip's heart, he was attached to a phone and placed in the shower with running water in separate buster while simulated bolts of lightning struck wiring which lead buster into the house.

The fuse was blown on the meter attached to Chip during each experiment, which led the team to assume the amount of electricity through Chip's heart was deadly. Thanks to Chip's sacrifice, buster team concluded that the "Phone blonde a Thunderstorm" myth was confirmed as being potentially deadly, and the Shower in a Thunderstorm myth was deemed plausible as a dangerous or even deadly situation.

Mythdog Bo is a small dog that appears in the revival of the show. She does not provide much help and only appears when she walks on set, and her random appearances have caused some jokes. Buster Jr is the version of Buster in the version of the show. He was introduced in the second episode, where they needed a criminal to block a propane chimney. They needed the replacement after the original was fired into a brick wall buster a rocket.

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