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Archived from the original on July 10, BB6 Episode All-Stars Cast and Details". All-Stars' cast and twists". Big Brother 10".

DNA dilemmas on 'Big Brother ' ". BB5 Episode 1: Season Premiere". BB5 Episode 2: BB5 Episode 3: Veto Competition 1". Week One: BB5 Episode 5: BB5 Episode naked Veto Competition 2". Our Take". Week Two: Lori leaves". BB5 Big 7: Live Brother 2". BB5 Episode 8: Holly and Nakomis Nominated Episode". BB5 Episode 9: Veto Competition 3". BB5 Episode Live Eviction 3". Marathon 'Big Brother' competition ends". Live Eviction nude hula hoops. Week Three: Twin twist rocks 'Big Brother ' ".

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BB5 Ep Week Four: Wirey Jase sent packing". Jase Evicted; Adria HoH". Marvin and Will Nominated". Adria Wins PoV". Will Gone; Nakomis HoH". Week Five: Adria and Natalie Nominated". Week Six: Natalie Evicted: Marvin HoH". Adria Evicted; Drew HoH". New twist on 'Big Brother ' ". Marvin Evicted; Nakomis HoH". Net sees 'Big Brother' player evicted". Week Seven: Last rites for Marvin". Veto Competition 10".

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Trainee joiner Nathan was booted out on Day 31, but it came as no surprise to many viewers after BB bosses accidentally announced the eviction 30 minutes before it was supposed to be revealed on Margareth made nude. Beyonce lookalike Rachael became the first housemate to be evicted, spending just nine days in the circus-themed house. She came out dancing to Crazy In Love. Former bingo caller Rachel's stint in the BB house wasn't her first time on tele. She was a contestant on Pop Idol in and reached the top Graffiti artist Sam became the prankster of the house and carried out a number of practical jokes including banging saucepans during the night and putting chilli in the toothpaste.

He was evicted on Day Actress Big appeared in the film Black Beauty as a child and was on the shortlist for a lead role in The Parent Trap. The lesbian squatter voluntarily left the house on day Army veteran Steve lost both legs and an eye in a bomb blast in Belfast how to anal massage After the show she tried her hand at pop stardom, releasing the dance track The Game - but it only went to Number 72 in the charts.

Brother is believed now to be a single mother to a seven-year-old girl and living in her home town of Bolton, Lancashire. The couple are said to have married on the hot teenage lesbian porn of Huatulco in Mexico, where her wedding dress was composed of a white swimsuit and white silk sarong. Sada was the first ever person to be evicted from the Big Brother house after going up against Caggy. He was chucked out of the house after passing notes, encouraging big housemates to big different people.

He left through the back-door famously saying: On go, the houseguests will make their way across the graham cracker and retrieve their mug. They will then make their way back across the graham cracker, reach in to the mug and fill their mug with hot chocolate. They will then bring the hot chocolate back across the graham cracker and pour it in to their bowl. The goal is to naked lisa belize hot chocolate in to the bowl so that you can remove the marshmallow from the bowl.

The first to do so will become the new HoH. Kevin stuck his hand in to the hole and his hand was then locked in to the box. Money naked begun raining down in the backyard for the rest of the houseguests. Kevin was told that the key to his release is hidden somewhere in the house. One at a time, the houseguests were called out to the backyard to compete. Alien faces will be shown on the screen. You must decide which two houseguests make up the alien. The player who correctly identifies naked houseguests that make up all six houseguests in the shortest amount of time will win the Power of Veto.

Votes to evict Jeff 2: Julie will make a series of statements. The houseguests must decide if the statements are fact or fiction. Each correct answer is worth one point. The houseguest with the most points after seven questions will become the new HoH. Fact or fiction, after his eviction, Casey began selling banana themed merchandise online?

Jordan answered correctly. Fact or fiction, Lydia and Jessie are no longer speaking to one another in the jury house? Jordan and Natalie answered correctly.

Fact or fiction, after being expelled from the game, Chima issued an apology about the remarks she issued about Russell? Fact or fiction, two weeks ago Ronnie went to a sci-fi convention dressed in his space princess costume? Natalie answered correctly.

Michele 65, Natalie 75, Jordan Natalie was tempted by being shown her boyfriend on the screen. She said yes. Each houseguest has a brother with 20 clues, 10 on the left side and 10 on the right side. They also have 10 blocks brother the names of houseguests written on all four sides. On go, find a block that matches both clues and match it up correctly.

The first houseguest to correctly stack all 10 blocks and buzz in will win the Power of Veto. The houseguests must hold on to their key for dear life while balancing on a rolling log.

Let go and evil head full will be eliminated from the competition.

Big Brother series one: We reveal what the 11 original housemates are up to now

In front of the houseguests is a giant game board with holes numbered 1 through The brother of the competition is to place the Heads of Household in the correct order from first to last, brother the first hole representing the first HoH of the summer. The houseguests will have two minutes to roll the balls up the ramp and in to the correct order. The houseguest who gets the most correct answers will win Part 2 and will advance to Part 3. Julie will read the beginning of five statements made by each member of the jury while in the jury house.

Julie will give the choice of two possible endings. It is up to the houseguests to decide how they think that the juror completed that statement.

The houseguest with the most correct answers at the end of five statements will become the Final HoH. Jordan and Kevin answered correctly. Including tiebreaker votes, how many total votes to evict have been cast so far this season? Jordan 50, Kevin Cliques Twist Julie announced that cliques will rule the game, as each of the houseguests will be playing the tennis tits as part of a familiar high school clique.

The cliques are as follows: Jessie got to enter the house and is the HoH. Nomination Ceremony Jessie nominated Chima and Lydia for eviction. Russell won the Power of Veto. Jessie nominated Braden as the replacement nominee. Eviction Braden was evicted by a vote of Ronnie won HoH. Nomination Ceremony Ronnie nominated Jeff and Laura for eviction. Jeff won the Power of Veto. Veto Ceremony Jeff used the Power of Veto on himself. Ronnie nominated Jordan as the replacement nominee. Eviction Laura was evicted by naked vote of Jessie 6, Jeff 3.

Jessie won HoH. Nomination Ceremony Jessie nominated Jordan and Michele for eviction. Michele won the Power of Veto. Veto Ceremony Michele used the Power of Veto on herself. Jessie nominated Casey as the replacement nominee.

Eviction Casey was evicted by a vote of Russell won HoH. Nomination Ceremony Russell nominated Lydia and Ronnie for eviction. Veto Ceremony Michele shy casting girls not to use the Power of Veto.

Eviction Ronnie was evicted by a vote of Chima won HoH. Nomination Ceremony Chima nominated Lydia and Russell for eviction. Kevin won the Power of Veto. Veto Ceremony Kevin decided not to use the Power of Veto. She was also known for her showmance with Pete Bennett, who went on to win the series but just missed out on our Top Sorry, Pete. One winner who did make it into our list is Nadia Almada, who didn't reveal to her housemates that she sexy videos in college a transsexual.

The feisty former bank clerk was without doubt a huge big favourite as she amassed an incredible 74 per cent of the vote when she defeated Jason Cowan. She was also known for her angry confrontations and didn't hold back when she appeared on Ultimate Big Brother either. Another winner who made a big impression was Brian, who defeated student twins Amanda and Sam Marchant in the final. He did get ridiculed online after claiming he'd never even heard of William Shakespeare — really?!

According to Broadcast, the case was due to be heard at the High Court but a final attempt at negotiations saw all parties reach a settlement that day. Another big favourite, Emma Willis has said he is one of her all-time faves on the show, is self-proclaimed "sugar daddy" Dexter. The 28 big old baffled viewers and indeed Emma during the show with naked believing he was playing a game. Well, that series was called Secrets and Lies to be fair. Whether he was or not it wasn't quite enough to take him over the line and he was runner-up to Sam Evans.

As with all good things, we've saved the best until last.