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Choice in childbirth begins with a discussion with oneself or between oneself and another.

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What do we want? And how do we feel when considering that want? Are we excited, anxious, doubtful or determined? When seeking possibilities to choose options for childbirth, But what, you ask, about fear and pain in labor? How come 1 in 3 Americans birth by cesarean if birth is so natural?

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Could it be that something was missing? The result?

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Progress in labor and less pain in childbirth. Online since Easier birth with fetal positioning. Spinning Babies Parent Class Preparation for physiological birth.

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Learn more. What is Spinning Babies? From teething to tummy troubles, learn some common reasons babies cry as well as ways to comfort and soothe your crying baby. Which infant milestones will your baby reach, and when?

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Learn about developmental milestones from 1 to 6 months, such babeis when babies start to smile and roll over. See the year's best all-around products recommended by BabyCenter moms and dads, including bottles, baby carriers, com car seats, and more.


Generate a growth chart to calculate your child's height and babeis percentile. See how your child's com compares to average measurements of boys and girls the same age. Your baby: See your week Newborn 1 week old 2 weeks old 3 weeks old 4 weeks old 5 weeks old group sex one guy weeks old com weeks old 2 months old: Week 1 2 months old: Week 2 2 months old: Week 3 2 months babeis Week 4 3 months old: Week 1 3 months old: Week 2 3 months babeis Week 3 3 months old: Week 4 4 months old: Week 1 4 months old: Week 2 4 months old: Week 3 4 months old: Week 4 5 com old: Week 1 5 months old: Week 2 5 months old: Week 3 5 months old: Week 4 6 months old: Week 1 6 months old: Week 2 6 months old: Week 3 6 months old: