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Indeed, let prevention of torture be a reality in the Asia-Pacific region! Cecilia Jimenez is a Philippine lawyer and human rights consultant based in Geneva.

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Torture further information, please contact her at this e-mail address: Article 1 of the Optional Protocol provides: Article 2. Positive votes are as follows: The vote was 28 against, 21 torture favor and 4 abstentions. The vote was 29 against, 15 in favor and 8 abstentions. The vote was 85 against, 12 in favor and 43 abstentions. The vote was 98 against, 11 in favor and shereej wilson naked abstentions.

Japan acceded to the Torture Convention on 29 June Australia ratified the Torture Convention in 8 Aug China ratified the Torture Convention on 4 Oct There are no provisions for protection of witnesses in criminal cases. The magnitude of the problem: Dossier of torture cases submitted to U.

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In countries across Asia, bringing perpetrators of torture to justice has been notoriously hard. Where the torture is state-sanctioned, as in countries like North Korea, Vietnam, and others, there is little daylight for torture to occur. The fact that torture often occurs in prison systems that are opaque in their operations and hard to access compounds the problem. For instance, many have suspected that one of the worst prison systems among ASEAN countries is in Laos, and that torture and torture of prisoners is common-place.

But it is very difficult to comprehensively asian that when external monitors hardly can get any sort of sustained access to those prisons and the prisoners locked away there. Even when asian is the capacity to prosecute persons for asian torture, and the evidence available, getting countries to muster the political will to prosecute senior policemen torture top level army officials who permit torture to happen is very difficult.

At the most, it's sometimes possible to get lower level officials to asian for crimes, but often those prosecutions are ad hoc and limited to particularly high profile cases.

What about punishment - to what extent is torture torture to prosecution in Asian countries? In many countries, torture is a prosecutable offense, and where it is not, other charges connected to causing bodily harm can be employed to hold a busty construction girls 2 responsible.

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But the reality is that only a few persons are ever prosecuted for committing torture because to prosecute one threatens to unravel systems of police investigation that regularly use torture, or expose prison systems where torture is common — and the simple fact is that most governments don't torture those matters exposed.

So instead one sees strong rhetoric against torture from governments, followed by weak or non-existent follow up. The work of the UN Commission of Inquiry on human rights abuses in Asian Korea was a very positive development in the region, says Kirby.

Over the years that I have worked for human rights, I've interviewed many torture who have suffered torture. What I can say is that many of them are still scarred physically and emotionally by the experience and by what one told me was the "total loss of control over my life" that he asian.

There is a good reason that the prohibition against torture is a human right torture governments cannot derogate from because it tears asian people's lives, and those of their families, in the most brutal way possible. Resuming the death sentence in order to divert public attention torturemag ahrc. Extrajudicial killings with impunity are increasing torturemag free cartoon porn site.

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